Chapter 1 - Home Sweet Home

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* 6 Weeks Later*

Mia spent the last six weeks trying to get into 'character'. She dyed her jet black hair a soft brown, wore green contacts to cover her brown eyes and got a whole new wardrobe of Anne's choice.

10.15 AM.

She was currently getting ready, curling her dyed brown hair just like Anne had asked. Today Anne was taking her to meet her future bother, Harry. She was pretty nervous she had to admit. Straight after she met Anne and Will she found out about One Direction, the band Harry was in. Then only did she realise that this was going to be harder than she thought.

She had been doing some research and came across information about their fanbase. She learnt that they were extremely dedicated, to the point were in some cases they could not control their love for the boys.

They have issues, she thought when she first read about them.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

The sound of a car horn outside her apartment made her jump. She quickly turned her curlers off and left it on a towel, she walked outside to check who it was.

Once she stepped outside the first thing she saw was a black BMW then when she looked closer into the tinted window she saw a women's figure. A very familiar woman's figure.

The lady rolled down her window and Mia suddenly realised the strange woman was Anne. She waved to Anne and Anne replied with a teethy smile.

"I'm sorry i'm a little early," shouted Anne. "I just needed to get out of the house for a while. I went to the shopping centre thinking i'll come later, but then I thought maybe i'll come over here and help you out with what you might need."

Mia's heart leaped. She never had a real mother figure in her life since she was fifteen. Caroline never wanted to help her with anything. If she did then she'd pull a face, Mia hated that about her.

Anne then parked her car and got out. Mia led her into the house and gestured for her to sit on one of the seats. "Thanks" Anne said as she took her seat.

Mia nodded, "I'm just going to finish my hair quickly. If you need anything please help yourself and don't hesitate to shout me." With that said, Mia walked into her room and finished curling her hair. When she was done she took the few suitcases she had packed with some of her clothes, hair accessories and other stuff she might need and left her room.

"Are you ready?" Anne asked when she saw Mia standing at her doorway. Mia nodded, "Yes I am."

Anne then stood up and walked over to Mia. "Do you need any help with those?" She questioned. Mia shook her head, "No thanks. I can carry them." Anne nodded and let the way to the front door.

Before she walked out she turned to look at Mia. "Before we leave I need to ask if you have everything you need. You won't be coming back for a long time," Anne said. Mia thought to herself for a while and then nodded, "I have everything" she said.

"Alright then, let's go" Anne said as they walked out the front door.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Mia's first impression of the Styles' house was "WOW!" Caroline was poor, or so she says, so Mia had to live in a three bedroom apartment with herself, Caroline, Caroline's husband and their four children.

The front garden was huge. It had bright green grass that was wet from the rain that had recently fallen that morning. There was a stone driveway leading to the front of the house. Mia looked at the garden in wonderstruck. She never had a garden.

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