Chapter 6: I See Sparks Fly, And No I'm Not Quoting Taylor Swift

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He radiated smugness as he entered the cafeteria doors, his pack of extremely gorgeous friends following him. My eyes flickered to his right and spotted Zach, who looked completely handsome in his washed out jeans and black hoodie. Suddenly, our little encounter flashed inside my head, causing me to blush in 10 shades of red.

"Those pretty boys really know how to make an entrance."  Gwen sighed dreamily, her eyes transfixed on the newly arrived group.

"Is Zach like Chase, too?" I blurted out, regretting it as soon as the words came out of my mouth. Knowing Gwen for a short span of time, I'm pretty sure that she would certainly make a fuss about it. She would definitely think that I'm interested in Zach (well, I really am, but she need not know) and tease me about it.

As expected, she forced her face back to me, her eyebrows raised skeptically. "Are you talking about Zach Matthews?" She asked in a teasing tone.

"Uh yeah," I mumbled shyly and lowered my head in embarrassment.

"Ooh," she cooed. Just like what I've thought. Ugh. "You have your eyes on him, don't you?"

"Hey, that's not--"

"But wait! How do you know him by the way? I'm sure I haven't mentioned him to you."

"U-uh," I scratched the back of my head as I thought of the right words to say. "We kind of ran into each other yesterday. Literally."

Her eyes widened into the size of dinner plates and dramatically put a hand over her mouth. "Oh my freaking gosh! What happened next? Tell me, tell me!"

I sighed in frustration at her nagging, but told her everything, anyway. I just sort of skipped the "kiss" I gave to Chase part. She definitely need not know that.

"You're one lucky girl, Carli Davidson," She exclaimed as she patted my shoulders.

"Am not."

She rolled her eyes. "Whatever." Her expression shifted from playfulness to excitement. "So," she drawled. "Do you like Zach Matthews or what? And to answer your question earlier— no. Chase and him may be best friends but they're completely different from each other. Zach's more of the "friendly type" and much much nicer if you put it that way. In a nutshell - he's a gentleman."

"Oh," I murmured in comprehension. I let out a small smile— probably due to the relief I felt after knowing that Zach isn't like Chase who loves to play with people's feelings.

"I never thought you're into good guys—well, not exactly. More of the not-so-badass types of guys." Gwen mirrored my smile and poked my side playfully as she kept on teasing me about my potential crush on Zach. "Like his best friend, he's very popular too— especially among the girls. Despite the fact that he's a jock, he clearly defied the stereotype that he isn't a player and an airhead as what people labeled the likes of him."

Ooh. Major turn-on.

"That's... impressive," I answered back. My eyes darted to the Popular Table where Zach was seated; laughing his head off alongside Chase and their other friends.

I sighed. He's just so... gorgeous.

I could seriously stare at his perfection all day.

"Ooh, someone's crushing hard on Zach Matthews," Gwen derided, snapping me out of my daydream.

I gave her a playful eyeroll and went back to eating my lunch—but not before I snuck one last glance at Zach's direction.

Good God.


It was free period and I was stuck at the library, contemplating whether I should go read a book; or do my homework.

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