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I will be deviating from the comics quite a bit with this.....

"Come, Darling."

I order Amora to come out of the shadows. With a smirk plastered across her face she steps into the light and stands before me. Her silken blonde hair cascades down her shoulders and her eyes sparkle with mischief.

"You summoned me my Lord?"

"Must I summon my wife for her to grace me with her presence?"

Though she is my wife she is still a pawn and a slave...led by my every whim...

Amora rolls her eyes and brings a green flame to her finger tips

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Amora rolls her eyes and brings a green flame to her finger tips. She causes it to flare up and  controls it.

I stand and step down from my glorious throne and make my way to where she is standing. Ever since my escape from Asgard I have been enjoying my proper position, a throne. Granted, at the moment I have no subjects under my command, but I am gifted with patience. I have waited many hundreds of years for the throne of Asgard...waiting another day is nothing....

I take her hand and hiss in pain as the green flames slowly make their way up my arm. Her magic swirls around me and an emerald aura forms around us. I summon my own magic to counter hers and bat away her attempt to bring me under her control.

"It amuses you does it not? Trying to bend me to your will as if I was any common man?"

I can resist any of Amora's charms or spells....She is weaker away from Asgard...

Amora raises her eyebrows and grins deviously.

"How can you be so sure that I have not entranced you in some way? You would never know if I had power over you."

"Let us remember that you are in my realm. You gave your submission to me. What purpose would you gain in controlling me? It would bore you."

Amora drops my hand and turns from me. Her cape swirls as she moves and I hear the sound of her footsteps as she begins to walk away.

"Wait." I command.

She pauses, but does not turn around.

"I did not call you here to discuss our relationship. Our dear niece has spoken with me again."

Amora whirls around and looks at me with interest. She immediately realizes the significance of this event.

"She called for you again?"

"Not only that, she conversed with me."

This time I leave my position and walk back up to my throne. I take my seat and lay my hands on the armrests on the side. Amora follows and takes her seat at my feet. She raises her head so she can look straight at me. She is such a willing servant...my wife.....

"She has come to realize her condition." I say.

"The Odinforce." Amora whispers. She must be jealous...Torrun is more powerful than her and Torrun has not even seen her first hundred years....

"You are well aware that when Odin endured the Odinsleep it was unusual for it to last for more than a couple of days. Thor is obviously unconcerned by this fact."

"Of course, I was well aware when Odin was at his most vulnerable position. Hmm...I had noticed that the girl had been comatose for a longer duration of time, but I thought nothing of it. I do not care for her."

Amora's instant emotional dismissal of Torrun reminds me of the sympathy I once held for the girl when I was captured. The sentiment that I displayed has brought me to this very fortunate and profitable position. Torrun trusts me.... a terrible decision really....

"Torrun, though physically unconscious was able to use her gifts to find the being that is sapping her power and keeping her under."

"Very well for her. What does that have to do for us?" she purrs.

I lean forward and place my hand on her shoulder. She reaches up and grasps my hand.

"Torrun believes I can help her break free from her coma by finding the individual and releasing her."

Amora starts to chuckle and she shakes with laughter.

"Why would we help the daughter of Thor?"

"We wouldn't. We won't."

She stops laughing and rubs her fingers over my fist.

"You have another plan. Something to give us an advantage?"

"In one way or another...yes. We will find a way to exploit this opportunity."

"I'm listening."

"Would you believe our daughter has enough power to steal Torrun's soul?"

"Hela is not a child anymore. I believe she is capable of anything."

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