The Future. The Past. The Transverse.

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I ran. As fast as I could.  Anywhere but here.  I ran through the forest, branches fiercely scratching my face. No stopping. Just keep running. My heart was pounding rapidly in my chest. I could feel it at the back of my head. Just keep running. My hands covered in blood. Just keep running. The key around my neck. The package in my front pocket, the Transverse in my back. Keep running. Something caught on my foot. And down I went, smashing my head on something cold. And then my world... turned to darkness.

Chapter one: The name’s Kamika Donalley.

‘My name is Kamika Donalley, I am 18 years old. The date is the 26th of June 2046,’ I remembered.

‘Very good, but when’s your birthday Kamika?’ asked doctor Kayne.

‘9th of September’ I replied, ‘can I go now, please’.

‘Where exactly do you plan on going? I mean I can’t stop you from leaving but no one has come to pick you up, and you’re in no condition to go off by yourself,’ said Kayne.

‘Well can I at least have the things I was brought in with?’ I asked, a little annoyed.

‘Yes, of course. I’ll just fetch them.’

He returned within a few seconds carrying a small plastic package that looked like it contained quite a few things. He left me alone for a few minutes while I opened it. I hadn’t been left alone much, so it felt good to have some personal space. I ripped open the package without care and emptied the contents on the hospital bed.

So this is what I’d been told. My name was Kamika Donalley. 18 years old. The year was 2046. I had been found with blood covered hands in a forest just out of town. The blood was not my own. I don’t remember anything.

 So far that’s all I know about myself. It’s funny you’d think I’d have family or friends searching for me. Or I don’t know, someone, looking for me. I mean I’ve been in the hospital for a week, and no one’s come. Anyways I have no home to go to. No money. No friends. And no family that I know of.

Back to the package. Its contents was spread out on my bed. The first thing I noticed was the necklace, a key attached to it. Hmm... Ok, mysterious. The second thing was a wallet. Inside was a picture of a stunning girl, long, straight, Barbie doll-blonde hair. Beautiful blue eyes and perfect lips. Her nose was a little big but it seemed to match her other features. Then I noticed the name underneath,.. Kamika Donalley. What? That’s me, I hadn’t seen my own reflection, I hadn’t even been allowed to leave the room. (With the blood on my hands being somebody else’s, I had the coppers guarding my room and detectives constantly asking me questions).

Wow, that’s unexpected. I looked down at my hair, messy from lying in bed, and not being groomed for the last week. Well it’s possible. The wallet contained no money but it did contain a few interesting things. A hotel card, for the Millennium Biltmore Hotel, four credit cards, a coffee club card, and a trinket of some kind. It was a little crown. Beautifully made. Its colours so powerful.

There were two objects left, one being a thick envelope, I ripped it open. A huge pile of cash sat in the envelope there must have been at least a few thousand dollars there.

 The final thing was a round metal like object, about two inches thick. It had four buttons on the side, one said ‘の’, the second ‘オフに’, the third ‘まで’ and the last ‘下’. I guessed Japanese. There was also a big button in the middle. I pressed it.. nothing happened. Pressed it again… still nothing. Well that’s useless. Then I noticed a key hole. (Light bulb!) I picked up the necklace bearing the key.