Chapter 20

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I was in shock. My heart rate sped up again. I inhaled slow deep breaths to keep myself calm and relaxed.

" I found him carrying you to his truck which was a few blocks away. Anger took over my body, and I wasn't even thinking or thought I should be careful. I unexpectedly hit him and you fell, hitting your head. I'm so sorry baby, this was my fault. I should have thought it through." Nathan said, sadness in his voice

" Nathan please don't think that you're to blame for this, things just happen. Sometimes they happen for a reason, sometimes they don't. You can't always predict the future"

" Baby, I'm still so sorry. I couldn't imagine my life without you. I couldn't let him hurt you. He deserved what he got"

Before we could say anything else, the door opened. The doctor was pale skinned, blonde hair, and hazel eyed man. He wore a white doctors jacket, dark slacks and black dress shoes. He stretched out his hand introducing himself as Dr. Blake Hanson.

" How are you feeling Miss?" Blake asked

" I'm good."

" Pain anywhere?"

" Nope" I smiled

" Good."

Blake shined a light in my eye, and applied pressure to certain spots, I felt nothing. Moving past Nathan, he checked my head.

"Well it looks like your good, you're healing up quite nicely." Blake smiled

" When can I leave?" I asked anxiously

" When I sign your release forms. It looks like you want to leave as soon as possible. So I'll make sure to sign them right now." Blake chuckled giving my arm a squeeze.

While getting up I almost fell over because I was so dizzy. Nathan grabbed me before I could. Lack of standing up, I guess.

" Be careful" Nathan said

I nodded

We arrived at Nathan's house no later then 40 minutes. Nathan helped me over to the couch. He grabbed a blanket from the closet and wrapped it around me.

" Nathan, I'm fine." I said reassuringly

" Okay" Nathan said throwing his hands up in surrender.

Nathan was so sweet, I felt bad that he had to see me in a coma. That must have been just awful for him and my parents to see that.

Nathan cupped the sides of my face with his hands. He pressed his moist lips against mine. Our tongues began dancing. I pulled him on top of me. I didn't realize how much I missed this. Nathan began grinding his manhood against my core. I gasped, and slowly tilted my head back breaking our kiss. Nathan made sure I was alright, after I was he continued. Nathan kissed me and slid his hands up my shirt, grabbing my breasts. Nathan pulled his pants down, along with mine.

Nathan roughly thrust himself into me. It felt incredible. I repeated myself telling him to go faster and harder, and he did. Nathan traced small but soft kisses down my neck, throat, and nipped at my collarbone.

" I love you Jamie." Nathan whispered

My climax took over. I was ready and I could tell Nathan was close too. Nathan gripped my wrists, and released. Nathan thrust in and out faster until I let go.

" I can't wait to marry you." I panted


It's been a year since I woke up from a coma. Time flew by. My teachers let me slide by in order to graduate a few months after my coma. I had mostly As and one B. My parents were so happy, happier than they've ever been. Nathan and I were better than ever, turns out the ring he gave me was him proposing. I'm so happy. He's an amazing guy. We recently got a condo. We moved in within a few weeks later.

Walking into the bathroom, I reached into the plastic bag laying on the kitchen sink. I pulled out a home pregnancy test. Opening it and reading the directions, I began to pee on the stick. Those three minutes took forever. When I finally noticed the pink lines, it indicated I was pregnant. I haven't had my period in a month. That couldn't be good, and now I know why. I was stunned, I never thought of having kids before, but I was actually happy about it. Later that night, I made a nice dinner. Cookies in the oven. Considering I was pregnant, my food cravings were uncontrollable. I set the table with gold trimmed table cloths that my mom gave me. I always used them when I had to tell him something. I really hope he doesn't notice. After I was finished, Nathan walked in the door, he wore dark slacks, a plain black T- shirt, that fit his body perfectly, and black dress shoes. His hair was now cut short, but was still really sexy.

" Baby what's wrong? What's happened?" Nathan asked, shutting the door behind him

" Please sit down first." I said

Nathan slowly walked over to me and sat down on the chair I pulled out for him. This was going to be difficult. Nathan could have two reactions, he could be happy or upset. I sat down in the chair closest to him, and spun it around facing him. I met his worried eyes and I begun to nervously play with the bottom hem of my shirt. Nathan grabbed my hands.

" Baby whatever it is, you can tell me." Nathan smiled

I took a deep inhale.

" I'm.. Pregnant." I said scrunching up my face

Nathan's eyes widened.

" You're pregnant?" Nathan asked

" Yes"

" My fiancé is pregnant with my kid?"

" Yes" I laughed

I already told him I was, how many times did I have to say it.

" Wow" he said

" Is that a good wow?" I anxiously asked

Nathan chuckled but remained silent.

" Is it good or bad? Because if you don't want this baby, then I don't know what to tell you, I'm having it I-

" Whoa, whoa. Baby I never said I didn't want it.-

" Well you didn't say you did" I stated

" True." Nathan chuckled

Nathan began smiling and shaking his head. Why is he being so difficult? Just tell me.

" Hello? Is it good or bad?"

" It's great, it's amazing, it's even better than us getting married."

" Jeez was that so hard? You could have said that first?" I said

" Oh those mood swings are kicking in huh?"

" Shut up" I laughed

" Do you know how far along you are?"

" About a month. I still need to go to the doctors." I said

" Are we going to find out what the sex of the baby is?"

" Nope, I want it to be a surprise." I smiled

" Well I can't wait to be a dad"

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