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Chapter Two: First Encounter

The alarm on Lydia's phone went off and her eyes fluttered open. It was still dark outside, being that it was six in the morning. She quietly got off of her bed and crept into her mom's room.

Lydia opened one of her mom's dresser drawers. The one she opened contained Lydia's clothes. She quickly grabbed clean clothes and crept into the bathroom.

Lydia turned the shower on and pulled her clothes off of her body. She kicked them into the corner and took her hair out of a bun. She felt the water, feeling that it was warm, and stepped into the spray.

Lydia quickly put shampoo and conditioner into her hair and massaged it around her head. When her hair was soft and the suds were piling up on her head she rinsed it off.

After quickly shaving her legs and only cutting herself once (which was a new record for her) Lydia turned the shower off. She got out and immediately wrapped herself in a white towel, which protected her from the cool air. Lydia clung onto it and held it tightly against her body.

Lydia grabbed another towel and put it on her head. She moved it quickly which dried all the excess water. It was no longer sopping wet (and dripping everywhere, for that matter.)

She slipped into her undergarments and threw on her clothes as quick as she could. Lydia reached over, onto the vanity, and grabbed her hair-tie. She put her hair back into a bun on the top of her head.

She opened the door and walked over to the kitchen. Lydia reached into her bed and grabbed her black duffle bag. The tin paint cans clanked against each other loudly, making Lydia wince. Luckily, her mother and brothers didn't come running out.

Lydia pulled out her black hat and put it on, which covered her strawberry blonde hair completely. She put on her black jacket and left the mobile-home. She walked quickly to her friend Danny's house, which was only a few blocks away.

When she approached the house, she ran up to the door and knocked on it. Danny, who was beyond tired, opened the door. He handed her the keys to his motorcycle and mumbled, "Now go away, Satan, I'm trying to fucking sleep."

Lydia smirked at him and kissed his cheek. "Thank you! I love you!" He rolled his eyes teasingly and hummed in response. Lydia darted over to his garage after he closed the door. She typed the passcode into the keypad and the garage door slowly opened.

Lydia walked in and sat down on the familiar motorcycle. She put the keys into the ignition and twisted it. The bike rumbled to life and she backed out of the garage.

Danny opened the door that led into the garage from the house. His hand hit the button on the wall, which made the garage start to close. Lydia waved him goodbye and he did it back before going into his house.

The motorcycle roared as she stepped onto the gas pedal, and was soon flying down the roads, right to her destination.

"Hey Al," Lydia said as she turned the motorcycle off. Allison looked up from cutting a large, thin piece of plastic and said hey back. Lydia got off of the vehicle and walked over to Allison's garage.

Allison handed her a small, multicolored plastic with a heart and dagger cut out of it. Lydia thanked her and put it into her bag. She couldn't forget the thing she signed her artwork with.

"I finished the stencil you were working on last night," Allison said as she leaned against an old wooden desk, which was covered in all kinds of paints. "It came out pretty well."

"Nice, where is it?" Lydia asked already walking deeper into the garage. Allison pointed over to one of the far walls and Lydia trotted over excitedly.

When she came across a large piece of white plastic, with Lydia spray painted on it with red, Lydia pulled it out. She unrolled it slightly, taking a peak at the stencil. Lydia grinned at the brunette.

"Thank you for finishing it for me last night," Lydia said wrapping one arm around her friend. Allison flashed her a smile.

"It was no problem," She said and slapped Lydia on the ass. "Now go, before it's too late." Lydia laughed and rolled the material back up.

"I'll see you tonight!" The red head said as she walked out of Allison's garage.

"I promised Danny I'd come over but you can come over too," Al told her. Lydia nodded.


"Okay, be careful!"


Lydia taped her stencil up against the brick wall of the supermarket. The area around her was an alley with trash rolling around in the wind. It was still slightly dark, being that it wasn't even seven yet.

She unzipped her black bag and took out her spray paints. Lydia picked up her bright purple one and examined it before spraying it onto the brick. She smirked as the red became dark purple.

Once she was done, she grabbed her blue and green. Lydia used them both at the same time, spraying them into different spots here and there.

Lydia reached down and grabbed her black paint. She took out the heart and dagger symbol and spray painted it right next to one of the figures in her picture.

The sun was now high in the sky as she put the finishing touches on her artwork. Lydia smiled as she took the plastic down and looked at her painting.

It was of a man and he was holding a suitcase. A few inches away from where he was painted were two kids, a boy and a girl, and a woman. The little boy was slightly taller than the girl. The little girl was on her knees as the boy was reaching out to the man. The mother just stood there, looking as if she wasn't doing anything.

Her smile fell as she noticed a cop car turning into the alley. "Shit!" She mumbled and threw her paint cans into her black duffle bag. Lydia slung it over her shoulder and began to run towards Danny's motorcycle.

The lights turned on and the alley lit up in blue and red. The siren was loud, considering that it was coming close to her. Lydia fumbled to put the keys into the ignition.  

"Don't move!" She heard someone yell and she looked up at the police officer in the car. The window was down, revealing a young man with brown hair and moles dotting along his jaw.

"Sure thing Officer," Lydia quipped, "Take me away." She said the last part with a seductive voice. The police officer gave her a dirty look.

And just as he began to get out of his car, Lydia took off, and the motorcycle roared loudly. She threw her hand up in the air, showing him her middle finger as she zoomed out of the alley.

Stiles sighed and stomped his foot. "God damnnit," He mumbled, "I can't do anything right." He bit his lip and then looked over at the graffiti on the store.

Despite all the vivid colors, the only thing that caught his eye was the black heart and dagger. That girl on the motorcycle was the person he has been after. His eyes widened.

Even though she got away, he felt as if he was now a step closer than before.

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