chapter 26

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Jade's p.o.v

It was like I was basically wearing nothing because the wind was hitting my body as if I wasn't wearing anything at all. It was starting to get freezing cold so I begged Perrie to agree that we should leave.

I stood up from the bench walking a head of Perrie when I felt her grab my wrist (Which thankfully wasnt the one i cut.) She spun me around so I could face her. The corner of her lips turning up into a cutisie little smile. "What?" I giggled.

"Nothing I just want to kiss you" She simply said. I wrapped my hands around her neck bringing her closer. I could see the pink color painting her face from the cold. Making her look like something that wasnt even real her beauty too much to handle.

I didn't care if it basically felt like icicles were running through my body it was all worth it with Perrie right now. I felt her warmth radiating against me as she rubbed her nose against mine before she dipped her head to kiss me.

My heart speeding as the kiss deepened her arms looping around my waist pulling me closer to her and thats when we heard it...


The words rippling through the dark night sky causing Perrie and I to pull away from eachother. We stood there wide eyed at the sight.

It was Perrie's father holding a knife .....directly pointing at me.


Perrie's p.o.v

I stood there shocked my feet seeming as if I was slowly drowning into quick sand. Time seemed to slow down as my voice screamed in my mind to do something anything. I seemed to be put in a trance just looking at the tip of the knife my father was holding.

His hair whipped across his face as he stood infront of us holding the knife with both hands. But I could see it shaking. He looked like a complete mad man. His eyes looked bloodshot red which either meant he was drunk as hell or crying but I'm pretty sure it was the first.

"I said get away now!!!!!!!" He yelled again and my heart was beating so hard and fast against my chest it felt like it was going to break through my bones. My breath seeming to become shaky and fast. My hands getting all clamy . I looked at Jade from the corner of my eye.

She seemed even more scared then I was I could see her almost break out into tears. What the fuck am I supposed to do?!??!?!??!

"I'm telling you one last time get away from her or I will run this right through your body" Jade didn't even take a step or move in inch. Too frightened to even breath.

My dad took a step closer to us and my breath hitched in my throat i needed to do or say something!!!!!

" put the knife down your drunk" I tried to stay calm for Jade's sake. But he didn't answer just taking another step forward to us shaking his head slightly a physcotic stare going in Jade's direction. "I told you before Perrie loving the same gender is a sin and now your both going to pay".

Time seemed to stop for a while and all I could hear was Jade's scream ringing in my ears as I saw the knife go right into her stomach. With one swift move my dad twistes it and pulled out the knife all I could see was red.

Red.The color of Jade's sweater. Red. The color of the blood puddle beneath Jade as her body fell to the floor head first. Eyes shut and hair getting soaked by the touch of the thick liquid.

And all I did was stand there horrified as my dad ran away. I tried attempting to move into Jade's way countering his attack but I was too slow.

When I reached him his feet were already hitting the pavement running as fast as a demon. So fast I couldn't even see his movements as he sped past me.


"Jade.....Jade...Please talk to me open your eyes....Let me see your eyes.....Why aren't you listening to me.?" I yelled my voice reaching hysteria as I began to hyperventalate kneeling down to Jade's side feeling the splash of blood against my leggings.

I hovered over her body my mind going into overdrive. "Please Jade stop fooling around wake up" I grabbed onto the material of her sweater pulling her body up as i brushed strands of hair out of her face.

Shes kiding right? She's not dying. No way. My mind wouldn't believe that any of this was actually real.

"Help I need help someone please."

My vision blurred as I grabbed Jade bridal style picking her body up off the ground feeling her blood soaking into the fabric of my shirt.Her body went limp she wasn't even moving. I didn't care she needed help.

People's heads snapped into direction staring at us wondering what was wrong. When they saw the dying girl in my arms their eyes went wide and telephones wiped out dialing a hospital.


It was all sort of a blur for me from then. All I could see were the lights blinding me as they pulled Jade's body into a gurney and taking her into the ambulance. Paramedics pulling my body back not letting me come into the ambulance with her.

I was unable to speak the ambulance leaving my sight and I just broke down on the ground in tears. This wasn't real. This wasn't happening not now please no. God no please not.


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