Chapter 4 ~ Master ~

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Chapter 4 ~ Master ~

I cringed at the ugly brown colored walls. Yes, I preferred it to the dull and damp walls of that prison but who would buy such a terrible color on purpose?

“Here she is Master Carthwrite.” Gretta gave me a crinkled smile and looked at me proudly.

“Thanks Gretta, you're excused.” He answered rudely and pointed to the door. The echo it made when it closed had me shivering, but I kept my eyes focused on him.

He was in a black slacks with a black dress shirt. It was obvious that he didn't know how to tie a tie by the way his red tie was laying down on his chest half tied. I eyed the pen that flipped expertly in his hands like it was the only thing he did all day.

His eyes gave me a cold feeling as they settled on me.

“You clean up well.” He commented in a sarcastic voice. My teeth chattered, a bad habit when I was nervous. I gulped when he got out of his desk chair and walked over to the front of his desk and leaning on it casually. “Come here.”

'You belong to him now and you will follow his every command.' I sighed remembering part of Lyle's speech.

“Come here, now!” I jumped at the venom in his voice and scrambled to the spot in front of him. I hit the floor before I could even feel the pain in my cheek. “Next time you will come right away when I tell you to.” My cheek stung, but I resisted the urge to touch it. “Now stand up.” Immediately I got to my feet only to be slapped on the other cheek, grunting as I hit the floor.
“I listened!” I snapped. He glowered at me and I wished I could fade into the floor. If looks could kill, I would surely be dead.

“Don't back talk to me!” His deep growl echoed through the room. “Stand!” I closed my eyes and stood back up. Preparing myself to be slapped yet again, but it never came. I peeked one eye open and jumped back, startled by the evil grin on his face. It looked beyond horrifying. His hands gripped my arms and pulled me to him.

“Your name?” I stared incredulously at his chest at his....soft tone?

“I don't remember.” I answered quickly, knowing that I could be hurt badly being so close to him.

“You don't remember?” Disbelief could be heard in his voice, but I kept my mouth closed. I wasn't sure if I should answer him. “Why?”

“If you were in there for three years and beaten badly, you wouldn't remember your name either. You'd only focus on making it through the pain.” Something flashed through his eyes but disappeared as soon as it had come.

“Obey me and you won't get as bad of treatment. I'll have to think of a name for you.” He said thoughtfully. A look of horror crossed my face as he smiled wickedly at me. “Hmm...” He rubbed his hairless chin, letting go of me. I immediately stepped away from him and he frowned. “Never, I repeat, never step away from me.” I coiled from the venom in his voice and took another step back without thinking.

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