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Mika's POV
Me and the Neko's are now walking at the park at night.It was quite and calming.We then sat at the lake and split.

I was with yuu.Yoichi is with Kimizuki.Guren was with Shinya.I sat beside yuu and we were staring at the moon.It was a full moon tonight.

It was beautiful.I then turn to look at yuu.I gulp and felt myself getting nervous.I wanted to confess to yuu tonight.

'Yuu-chan...' I said.Yuu then let out a hum and turn to face me.As soon as he did.I kiss his lips.I felt him tensing up and soon melt into the kiss.

We kiss for a moment and pulled away.'M..mika?What was that for?' He said with a blush.I blush as well.I hope yuu doesn't reject me...

Yuu's POV
Mika suddenly kiss me!Not on the forehead like he usually do.He was kissing my lips.I was shock but soon melt into the kiss.

Mika broke the kiss and my face heat up.'M..mika?What was that for?' I ask.Mika then blush as well before saying 'I you,yuu-chan...' Mika stuttered.

My eyes widen and my tail was swaying side to side.I then hug him and said
'I like you too!' I smiled and my tail was  swaying side to side.It was swaying fast.

I was soo happy.Mika then smiled and kiss my lips again.I kiss back and my tail was swaying non stop.I smiled in the kiss and mika smiled as well.

'Well,isn't this romantic.Kissing under the moonlight...' I heard a voice that was familiar.We broke the kiss and our eyes widen in shock.

'Hello Mikaela,Yuichirou...'
It was krul...

Ooh!Party pooper!Krul is back!
I bet you thought you'll see the last of her.Well,bitch!She is back and she will take mika's precious yuu-chan!

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