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chapter two: rogue

Steve ducked under the oncoming fire of the remaining Hydra agents. He lifted his arm, throwing it forward and in turn throwing his shield forward. "You guys clear on the top side?" Steve ducked behind another tree, shield finding its home on his forearm.

The Avengers, or rather the bits and pieces of them had caught the trail of a rogue hydra base, hidden in the mountains up in Norway. Those that were available were up to the job, knowing how much of a bother Hydra truly was. At this point in the game, they couldn't afford any bugs in the system or kinks in the plan.

Natasha relayed over comms before Clint did. "We're good up here, Cap. The front door is unlocked; all you gotta do is knock."

Clint went to speak the same message moments later but a swift glare from Nat shut him up. He blamed his lame hearing for the delays in communication.

Steve moved out from the tree when all the motion died down. To his right, Tony landed on the snow.

"You alright?"

Tony nodded through the suit, pretending to brush dirt off his shoulders. "Never better. Come on. Let's go kick some ass."

Just under his breath, Steve muttered a soft, "language."

The doors to the hydra base were wide open, just as Natasha had said. Tony and Steve met up with the two agents inside. Together, the four slowly mapped out the facility, eliminating the small troubles they had along the way.

Natasha and Clint pulled up the back, watching for anything they could have missed like tripwires that would lead to horrendous flames engulfing the four until they roasted to death or just the stray hydra member who made the mistake of trying to take on the four avengers all by themselves. Steve more or less lead the investigation, seeing as he was the most experienced in the Hydra department.

They came across a door as the end of a hall, a tall steel door sealed with old locks that dated way before the computerized age. Steve looked over them in wonder.

"These are old locks." Tony stated, pretty much voicing everyone's thoughts. "We could bust it down, do it the hard way." Tony took a step back, raising his palms in preparation to fire at the door. Clint stepped forward, his own hands outstretched.

"Or you could just open it." He turned a rather large valve, the metal squeaking from most likely centuries of sitting and rusting in the Norwegian mountains. The doors broke apart, ash and dust raining down on the group. Steve covered his head with the shield, beginning to move into the room. It was dark, no light source from anywhere. He coughed, the dust somehow managing to get under the vibranium shield and into his face.

"Whatever this was, it hasn't been used in a long while," Natasha remarked. Steve took another step into the room when there was a light. It flickered, orange and weak. Steve squinted. Tony used his arc reactor to find the large light switch, using more strength than should have been needed to pull the lever down. With a groan, the overhead lights in the room flipped on, nearly blinding the four who had been accustomed to the darkness.

"What is that?" Clint pointed to a large, metal cylinder in the center of the room. It had windows behind metal framing, heavy duty bolts holding it in place. A panel of controls was built into the thick base, which Steve now knew it to be the source of the earlier light.

"Get Banner on the line." Tony dialed Bruce who stayed behind at the soon to be Avengers Tower. There wasn't a need for smashing in this mission so Bruce was content with staying behind, being the brains and background of the operation rather than the big green rage monster. Through the simple systems of some video cameras, Bruce could see what Tony saw, similar to the programing of a skype call.

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