Chapter 35.

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I sat by Nialls bed, drumming my fingers on his thigh patiently. He was propped up on his bed, a portion on Sunday dinner on the tray before him and he was eating slowly and every time he took a bite, he'd shudder and wrinkle his nose at the taste.

"Liam, be a good boyfriend and eat this for me. Please." Niall demanded childishly and I chuckled, shaking my head and blushing a little as he pushed his plate forward. But all the same, I grabbed the fork and scooped up a forkful of his mashed potatoes and green beans before popping it in my mouth. I immediately coughed, trying hard not to gag at the taste and set his fork back down. "Ah, see! Now you know they're trying to poison me here." He pouted, folding his arms across his chest.

"That stuff can't be healthy." I admitted, glaring at it and he chuckled, stretching a little. "Exactly!" Niall exclaimed, giggling excitedly. I frowned at him then cocked an eyebrow. "What's got you in high spirits? You were so down last night when I first saw you." I said suspiciously and Niall shrugged."Think it's this medication. It's making we whoosy." He smirked, blushing a little. "I think you're just happy about something." I retorted, grabbing at his plate before he decides to eat more of it.

He frowned at me, his mouth full with food before be closed it again and swollowed. "Well yeah. I'm happy that you're here. I've missed you." He admitted bashfully and I smiled at his words. "I've missed you too, babe." I replied and when he reached out for his sour plate of food again, I pulled t away. "I'm not letting you eat that, it's unhealthy." I protested and Niall spluttered with laughter at my worried face. "Thank God, it's disgusting." Niall sighed, sounding relieved but then his face turned from laughter to sheet pain.

I sat bolt up right, reaching toward Niall who gasped in pain. "N-Niall?" I asked uncertainly, lack g his fingers through mine which was a bad idea because he squeezed my hand so tightly that all the blood left my fingertips. I winced a little but he didn't seem to let go, he was in to much. "Fuck." He groaned, biting his lip hard before releasing a soft cry. It was just at that time the boys walked in, taking in the painful scene. Harry's wide worriedly scanned over Niall, his eyebrows knotting together. Maura was following behind them, her eyes widened as she saw me. She probably didn't realize I'd be back so soon.

"Niall..." Harry trailed off uncertainly, his voice raspy and deep. Louis sat down on the seat at the window, bowing his head as he was unable to look at Louis. Zayns expression mirrored Harry's, he was just as worried as he was. I locked eyes with Zayn when Nialls hand clenched around my fingers tightly. "Ow!" I yelped and he looked up, sending me an apologetic look. "Liam, can I talk to you?" Maura asked quietly and I gently pried my fingers away from Niall, shaking away the pain. "Ni, Harry can help you through this. He's good at that kind of stuff." I decided, rubbing Niall's shoulder. He let out a strangled sound in reply, closing his eyes as Harry walked toward him. I follwed Maura out the door, shutting it quietly and noticing just how many guards were standing outside Niall's room. It was like he was in bloody royalty. I clucked my tongue at them but they stayed emotionless, staring ahead. I sighed deeply and Maura turned round in confusion, frowning at the row of guards. "I know, it's ridiculous." she agreed sadly and suddenly I pitied Niall's mum. If I'm finding it so hard dealing with Niall and the baby, I wonder how she was coping?

She didn't have to find out straight away like I did. No, she found out months later, much later when Niall was, and Niall couldn't even tell him himself. She found out from the news. The media. And she didn't take it very well. I still think her and my mum were struggling to grab the concept that they were both going to have a grandson or grandaughter, concieved by a guy. My eyes wondered down to the small blue present bag she held in her hands that had laced handles and a peace of folded up paper in the other and I lifted my eyes back up to her face. "Did you get the present?" I asked curiously and she smiled. "Yes, I did." she beamed proudly. "It arrived this morning, but it's a little big..." she said uncertainly, handing me the bag. I figured Niall would appreciate a small, green Irish football shirt with the name "Horan" on the back plastered on it. It could be boy or girl, even if it was a bit big. "Thanks Maura, I really appreciate it." I thanked her, admiring the top before placing it in it's bag. Her smile suddenly faltered as she gazed at me, looking hesitant. "What's the matter?" I asked, frowning at her.

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