Chapter 8: Preparing for the Road.

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Justin's POV
Jaylie and I fell asleep watching Cinderella. I woke up 3 hours later to my phone ringing.
It was Scooter.
J: hey what's Hatnin"
S: ha ha quoting you own songs eh"
J: yeah"
S: so you've had a few days to yourself and it's time to go back on the Purpose Tour.
J: yeah I haven't seen my Beliebers In a while."
S: how about Canada?"
J: yes Hometown !!!🇨🇦🤗
S: alright then I will set that up and get the busses ready.
J: ok old man
S: bye Kidrauhl
J: bye.

He hung up and so did I

Jaylie's POV:

I woke up to Justin saying "bye". I guess he was on the phone. He turned around and made eye contact with me.  He half smiled. I sat up and he sat on the couch. He explained that he had to go back on tour. I was super excited. I stared at his hair. It was all shaved off. " what?" He asked me " nothin' just lookin' " I looked at the clock 5:30. It was quiet for a while. I was listening to the clock tick. Apparently Justin was too. " what do you mean" he sang
I joined" when you nod your head yes but you wanna say no"  
We kept singing till the song was over

----------time skip------------

We finished dinner and now I was packing for tour. Justin had gone out and bought me a lot of clothes and shoes and toys. He even got me a Friken iPhone, iPod touch and an iPad mini. I packed all off it. I got my favorite stuffed animal. It was a teddy bear named Drew after Justin's middle name.
I got a blanket and a pillow pet which is a panda bear named Marielle. 🐻🐼.
I put that all in my new purple and light blue suitcase. We are leaving next week. I have a  doctors appointment tomorrow to see if I can get my cast off and get me into a storm trooper boot of even better a little brace.  I got changed into a pink shirt with blue green pajama pants. I brushed my teeth and hair and climbed into bed.

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