Chapter 33: Darkness's Daughter

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The room around them stilled, as the darkness spewing from Deigil surrounded them and took control of the room. The girl stood on her hands and Eredhelil watched as she absorbed the prowling powers that moved swiftly around them. She saw all around her, Meathil was stricken with shock, her eyes filled with it. The captains bracket bowed to the same fear as Meathil, the world around them was rumbling with the sweet smell of blackness. Eredhelil never had known the power the Queen of Shadowmount held, but as some of it is passed to Deigil, this would be her first taste of it. The necklace that was once at home around Deigil's neck was now on the floor shattered into a thousand pieces. The darkness surrounded her, weaving in and out of the girl. It created a darkness unlike any she'd ever seen, or felt. If Deigil's brother was alive he surely would be powerful too.  She watched as wings shot out of Deigil's back, white wings that she loved petting and had protected her in the war. But quickly a dark shade of black surrounded the girl and that white, was snuffed out, by eternal darkness. The black grew darker and darker, making the once shiny white feathers, into pitch black ones. Her eyes were directed to Deigil's legs, which were bloodied and wore red on them. She watched as that redness was washed away and gone within minutes. In replace was a growing darkness, shaping itself and carefully connecting itself to her lover. The black fluid like substance wrapped itself around Deigil's stumps for legs, and shaped itself into new legs. The place where her legs would have been was now occupied by new ones, black feathered legs, with regular feet. The feathers crept down her new legs, burying darkness with them. She stood, her black hair covering her face, creating a shadow. Or what she thought was a shadow. When she stood, a voice that was not hers emerged from the mouth she had kissed not long ago.

"You touch any of them, and you die, I will shred you to pieces and eat you. The pain I will bring to you will make you wish you were dead, and that you had never been born. Every second you spend tormenting them, hurting them, I will spend slowly skinning you alive." Deigil stood, her wings spread wide, and her hair covering her face. She hadn't noticed it but the girls toes now had claws instead of nails. "And if you ever...if you ever touch Eredheil..... I will burn you alive until you are nothing but a pile of ashes on the floor." It wasn't Deigil talking, it was the girl's mother. She recognized the powerful and deathly tone in the voice and knew it was not Deigil. Her mother stiffened, her joints not moving as the dark figure approached them all.

"Deigil?" She heard Meathil ask in a slightly frightened tone. To be honest Deigil looked frightening, so frightening that even her own mother trembled a little. But she wasn't afraid of her, because she knew the real Deigil was somewhere in there still. That's when she saw underneath the black hair that covered her face, and she knew why they all were so still. In replace of Deigil's face, or even a head, was just a ball of dark energy laced together. There were no beautiful different colored eyes that she'd loved so much. Deigil marched past her, getting closer and closer to the mother she never knew. Meathil's bracket was frozen, still as stone, fear plastered on all their faces. They most likely hadn't seen Deigil's true powers. They probably hadn't ever seen any powers like this before, living in the capital their whole lives. Also they were young, all still in their teens, she was over a hundred. She'd seen her fair share of darkness over the years, but nothing like this. The look frightened her, the look that Deigil now possessed. Not the powers she possessed, but the look of darkness. The black wings, the dark aura, the faceless body. But she knew she was still in there, she had to be, she just...had to be.

"So what's it going to be queen?" Deigil spat out. "Do you want to keep hurting them? Should I hurt you? Would you like that? To know that you've been defeated? To know that no matter how much power you an conjure, you will never be as powerful as me!" No. She was sounding more and more like the Shadowmount Queen, and it was scary. She was becoming obsessed, mother. She couldn't, she needed to be herself again! She needed to be the Deigil she knew! "I have power that you will never attain, and you will die, for what you have been doing to not only your family. But for what you have been doing to your own people."

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