Chapter 28- Move

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Melody's POV

I stand in front of the mirror of the bathroom, brushing my hair. I think I should cut my hair, Its starting to feel heavy and its such a hassle to brush.

Someone's hands grab onto my waist, pulling me back into their chest. I gasp as they place their lips on my neck, sending sparks shooting through my body.

I look at who it is in the reflection of the mirror and I try to pull away, "Tyson, what are you doing?" I whisper.

I suck in a breath and he lightly grazes his teeth over my skin. I push away from his body as fast and hard as I can and I turn to face him, my body shivers and my heart starts racing. We stand in silence, just staring intensely at each other.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" I ask. He smirks at me and doesn't answer.

"Tyson! What did she say?" Ting Tong shouts from downstairs. "Oh, right. Do you want to come swimming in the lake, we're going there now and meeting a few people. You coming? Your brother is." Tyson asks me.

"Uh, okay I'll come but I might not swim." I say. "She's coming!" Tyson shouts. "Okay!" Ting Tong shouts back and I shake my head. This is exactly what my brother and I do; we scream across the house because we are too lazy to move to where the other person is.

Tyson leaves the bathroom and I walk into the guest room I'm sleeping in for the next week. I pull a jade coloured bikini I brought out of my bag along with shorts and a plain white crop top.

I slip all of my clothes on and tie my hair into a loose plait

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I slip all of my clothes on and tie my hair into a loose plait. I wonder who the people we are meeting at the lake are.

I walk out of the room, putting my phone and my earphones into the pockets of my shorts.

It's already dark outside. I've been here for one day and I already want to go home. Maybe I should just forgive Tyson. I don't know if he likes me still but I do know that he is sorry.

Yeah, I said I don't know if he likes me. Don't go all 'ya hoe of course he likes you, he was trying to kiss you just now' because he is a player, he was a player, he might always be a player and he likes to kiss girls. It doesn't matter if its me or not.

Don't argue with me.

Just stop.


"Tyson, who are the people we are meeting at the-" I walk into Tyson's room, forgetting to knock. Oops.

Tyson turns to me, shirtless, and smiles, shaking his head, "I know you want to see me shirtless, cupcake but couldn't you wait until we went swimming?" he asks and slowly lowers his eyes to my body, checking me out.

My whole body starts to feel really hot and flustered as his gaze stays on my body.

"Stop staring at me." I say.

Surprisingly, Tyson looks away, shutting his eyes tightly. "I'm sorry, I just..." Tyson goes silent and shakes his head. "Just...?" I repeat slowly.

Tyson turns around and falls face first onto his bed. He starts groaning and mumbling something incoherent.

Whatever, I'm just going to he downstairs. I turn around and walk down the stairs where Ting Tong, Bobo, my mom and my brother are waiting. They smile and go back to talking as we wait for Tyson.


Tyson's POV

I groan into my bed. This is so annoying! I can't even pretend I'm not in love with Melody. Why am I in love with her? I just can't get her out of my head.

I couldn't stop staring at her body. It's like I was completely attracted to her. My hands wanted to touch her, my lips wanted to kiss her, my heart wanted to love her. I'm completely attracted to her and it feels like I am going insane.

I have a plan. Since Melody won't forgive me I am going to have to make her realize that she likes me. I know she likes me even if she tries to deny it.

There is no way I am just going to stop liking Melody so instead I am just going to make her jealous.

We are going to meet my foster parents friend and he has a daughter and a son our age, all I have to do is get this friends daughter to flirt with me and hopefully that will work.

If it doesn't I guess I will somehow have to move on or at least distract myself until I forget about her.

I stand up and slip a shirt over my body, using my swimming trunks as pants. I walk down the stairs and see everyone waiting. They all stand up when they see me and we walk out the door.

This better work.


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