Chapter Two~First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage....

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Chapter Two~First Comes Love, Then comes Marriage

“Aylaina shrugged.  ‘I don’t know.’  she said.  ‘Let’s go back and see what everyone is up to.  Hopefully there won’t be any urgent business for the gang and we can stay out of trouble.’

Lucas stared hard at Aylaina.  ‘You mean like changing history?’

‘That’s exactly what I mean.  I don’t want to mess up anything more.’

 Isabella brought some meat with her.  Much was busy getting the fire stoked to cook a stew when Lucas and Aylaina returned to the camp.  Aylaina used to call it home because back then, that’s what it was to her.  Now that she remembered Lucas, she knew her home was with him in the 21st century.  The question was, how to get back home without doing anything that would interfere with the Space-Time continuum.  Little did they know that they already changed history just by Robin finding “Guy” and Aylaina in the forest.

‘I have to get back to the castle.’  said Isabella.  ‘I don’’t want the prince wondering where I’d got to.’  She and Robin embraced as Isabella whispered in his ear.

Lucas had sat down by the cook pit as Isabella strode over to him.

‘Guy, I am so happy that you are alive!  I thought I would never say that but since you came for me in France, I feel as close to you as I did when we were children.’

Lucas stood when Isabella approached.  He recalled Aylaina telling him about their rescue of the queen mother and of persuading Isabella to return with them to Sherwood.  He knew that Guy and she had a tumultuous relationship in the past and as a result, was able to ad-lib his way through any conversation he might have with her.

‘I am pleased to see you again, Isabella and glad to see you are well.’ Lucas bent down to kiss Isabella on the cheek. Isabella turned to Aylaina and they hugged good-bye.  She mounted her horse and rode off.

Now Robin approached Lucas.  He had a very serious expression on his face.  Lucas wondered what was up and hoped that Robin was not going to bring up Marian.  Lucas didn’t know how to handle that one since it wasn’t he who killed her, but the real Guy of Gisborne.

‘Ah, Guy.’  Robin began, a little nervous.  ‘May I have a word with you?’

Lucas looked to Aylaina.  She had a sly smile on her face.  Apparently she knew what Robin had on his mind but to Lucas she just shrugged.

Lucas said, somewhat apprehensively, ‘Ah, yeah, I mean yes.  What’s this about?’

Robin guided Lucas out of earshot of the others, but of course, Aylaina snuck around them so she could hear the conversation.

‘Well Guy,’ Robin started.  ‘You know that once Isabella and I had ….an....attraction for one another?’

‘Yes.’ Lucas replied, tentatively, his brows furrowed in Guy-like fashion.

Robin nervously continued.  ‘Um, you see.  She was wondering, I mean I was wondering if, since your father has passed and you’re here now, well, would you give us your blessing to marry?’

Lucas found it hard to keep a straight face.  Then he saw Aylaina hiding behind a tree behind Robin.  She was motioning him to give his consent.

Standing straighter, Lucas, thinking Guy might have a little trouble with this at first, went into acting mode.

‘You toyed with her affections, if I remember, and that’s why she wanted to kill you!’

To which Robin replied.  ‘You married her to an abusive man, yet she forgave you.’  At this point, Lucas raised an eyebrow, his lip slightly curled. 

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