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Picture: Hot Luke ;)

Basically Michael and Luke are boyfriends and Luke misses Michael and they have a little reunion :))

Hope you enjoy x

It was a regular Friday, and I was round the house of my boyfriend Michael, waiting for him to get back from work. I knew Michael's parents quite well. As me and Michael had been dating for about six months now we had met each other's parents lots: I even had a key to his house.

So it wasn't a surprise to him when he came home from work to see me and his mom having a chat in the front room, cups of tea held between our hands to warm us up from the cold weather outside.

I was still at school, I stayed on to continue studying at my school and got a part time job elsewhere, whereas Michael had a full time job three days a week, and went to college the other two.

As my school was very near to Michael's house, I very often walked back afterwards and chilled with his mom until he came home, when we would all chill together and sometimes I would stay the night.

The first time I let myself in it was really awkward and I was scared his mom would start to dislike me, but she very quickly became a second mother to me. I realised that as me and Michael had known each other all through school too that he must have mentioned me before to his mom, so she must know I'm not that bad.

But we got closer, and dated for longer periods of time, I hung out with his mom a lot more, and we got on great. But because of work and my exams I hadn't seen Michael for a few weeks so I really missed him. Maybe that was why I had butterflies when I saw him walk through the doorway.

As he stood leaning against the frame, flaming red hair standing out against his black skinny jeans and bright green eyes, I couldn't contain my excitement. I ran over and flung my arms round his neck, thrilled to see him again, and when he bought his round my waist I knew this was how I wanted to stay for the rest of my life.

Averting her eyes, Mrs Clifford went to the kitchen, muttering about how lovesick we were as weembraced. Michael pressed a light kiss to my neck, and I giggled, happy to be back in his arms.

Michael kept the hug quite short, and gestured for me to follow him back into his room. As we went in and he closed the door, he slid off his jacket, wanting to change out of his dirty clothes into some sweats.

When his back was turned to me however, I walked up behind him to wait for him to turn around, and as he did so I couldn't stop myself from placing my hands on his cheeks and pressing our lips together. He didn't seem to mind as he rested his on my waist and kissed back.

I let my lips move gently with his and brought a hand up to play with his hair, the fluffy strands demanding my attention. Michael smiled into the kiss, and squeezed my waist gently.

'What was that for?' He asked, pulling away breathlessly. He didn't seem to mind though, brushing his finger along my bottom lip.

'I just missed you,' I replied, looking deep into his eyes and smiling shyly. Michael grinned, and leaned forward to kiss me again. I didn't hesitate to kiss back, with more force this time, pushing him down so he was sitting on the sofa and I was straddling his lap.

My boyfriend gasped at the sudden action but laced his hand with mine to show me it was okay. We kissed for what felt like hours, only pulling away when we felt the need to breathe was too much. 'I love you Michael,' I gasped out.

'I love you too Luke.'

I just thought this was cute :) x

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