Chapter 21

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Vic's POV

As I'm sitting in class, I feel my phone start vibrating in my pocket. I pull it out and realize that it's my little brother calling. If it was anyone else, then I would've ignored it but Mike said that he'd call if he has any problems with Kellin. Mike's sick so he's at home and he promised to look after Kellin and keep him company. If he's calling, then there must be something wrong.

Not really giving a shit that the teacher's in the middle of her lesson, I start up grabbing my stuff then I leave the room. When I'm away from ear's reach, I answer the phone. The first thing I can hear is Kellin sobbing.

"Vic he won't give me his phone; he won't even let me near him. I don't know what to do." Mike rushes out seeming frantic.

"What happened? Why do you need his phone?" I ask, already making my way out of the building. I can't stay here when Kellin needs me.

"He found a bunch of pictures online. People are saying some fucked up shit." Mike sighs and I already know what he's talking about.

"Fuck." I breathe, not knowing what else to say as I get in my car and start the engine.

"He won't put his phone down. The more he looks at them, the more upset he gets. I just, I don't know how to handle this." He explains sounding lost.

I pull out of the school carpark before speeding down the road

"Just hold on. I'm on my way. Just make sure he doesn't do anything drastic." I say before hanging up.

I throw my phone on the passenger seat and focus on driving. I can't imagine what's going through Kellin's head right now. He's probably feeling so broken.

It's only a few minutes before I arrive home. I quickly get out of the car and rush inside. I can hear Kellin sobbing violently upstairs. I quickly jog up the stairs and into my room. Kellin's on the bed, sobbing as he looks at his phone whilst Mike's standing next to the bed, looking clueless. I rush over to the bed and try to reach for Kellin's phone but he puts his hand on my chest pushing my away.

"Kell, give me your phone. You don't need to see any more of that." I murmur and he shakes his head.

I reach over again and grab hold of his phone prying it from his hand. He curls up in a ball, crying into his knees. I put his phone down and wrap my arms tightly around him. He lifts his head from my knees and starts crying into my shirt, soaking it with his tears. I rub his back gently and shush him softly but I know that he's not going to calm down for a while. I look over at Mike and he gestures to the door, silently asking if he should leave. I give him a small nod and he leaves. I cradle Kellin in my arms for what feel like forever until he finally calms down.

"You okay?" I whisper and he shakes his head nuzzling it further into my shirt.

"I'm sorry." He sniffles as his voice quakes.

"No, I'm sorry that you had to see that." I whisper.

"Everyone hates me." He whispers pulling away a bit.

"No they don't Kells. Some people are just assholes and they think that they're funny when they're not. But not everyone's like that. There are people that are hoping that you get better. There are people who don't even know you, supporting you. You're not in this alone." I explain and Kellin nods, leaning into me.

We fall into a silence as I gently run my fingers through his hair and caress his tearstained face.

"Matty told me to tell you that he's sorry." I mumble and wait for Kellin's reaction.

"He doesn't mean that. He just feels bad." He shrugs.

"At least it's something." I mumble agreeing with him. Matty doesn't care about Kellin; he's not sorry.

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