1 • He's here?

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I awoke to a loud crash from outside. It sounded far away, and for the ears of non-force sensitive humans it wouldn't be anything but a drop of a pin. However in my ears, it was loud and I felt the pain of whomever was involved in the crash. For the first time since I had arrived at the resistance base, I felt a chilling shiver crackle down my spine. I didn't know exactly what that was, but I was curious. Thoughts began to run through my mind, maybe a tree fell - but why would that affect me? Maybe a ship broke down in the engineering section - but work hasn't started yet, it's too early. And then it hit me like a blaster. I gulped. "Oh my god..." I whispered to myself. It was always peaceful here, there's never evil bumps in early morning. If it wasn't peaceful that would mean... The force order were here. Or we were under attack, and neither were good. I gulped as I thought of my last encounter of the first order. We didn't get off to a great start. Then his name, echoed In my ears. Kylo Ren. That name haunted me for months after our last encounter. His face engraved into my eyes. I had a weird emotion flutter over me, it rolled from the pit of my stomach. I shook it off and began to get lost in my thoughts. Why didn't I kill him when I had the chance? Why did I hesitate? What was I damn thinking? I kicked myself for that. I was weak. I wasn't strong enough to kill him. I knew it wasn't the Jedi way, but I also knew everyone was in danger of him. Stop torturing yourself like this Rey, I snap to myself. I wasn't to know. I can't change the past.

I slowly pulled myself off my bed and walked over to the bathroom, sliding the door shut behind me. I reached for my hair elastics and my brush. I started to restyle my hair and make it look so normal, because right now - no offence to Chewie - I look like a wild wookie. I grab my desert clothes and get changed into them as fast as I can, leaving my night clothes on the floor. I scoop them up in my arms and put them in the laundry basket. A yawn escapes my mouth, man I am tired. I reach for my light saber and attach it to my belt. For a moment I think about holding it, but I know the hum of the saber may wake some people, and I don't want them to join me. I walk out of my apartment and look each way, making sure the coast is clean, before heading down the stairs. The pull of the force was extremely strong, I cannot remember it being this strong since I last fought with Kylo. I paused for a minute. He was here. I was almost sure of it. Every instinct in my body told me to turn back, but me being me, headed forward, full of curiosity.

Once I had reached the perimeter of the forest, I decided to concentrate on my breathing. After my last battle I discovered, by General Organa, that my breathing is way to loud and alerts the enemy I'm there. I was careful not to make any sounds, really careful. If I was right. If Kylo Ren was here, I needed to be extremely careful. I winced as my foot snapped a twig on the forest ground. The sound echoed through the forest, sounding ten times louder than it actually was. "Damn!" I cursed to myself in a whisper. I felt the urge to run, but I knew I couldn't. I swiftly ran around the trees In the dark forest. Then I stopped and slowed down remembering not to run... Oops. Every corner I turned, I was faced with a vision. Ones that made me gasp and almost scream with terror. These woods reminded me of Star killer base, just without the snow. I bit my lip, trying to silence the soft whimpers escaping my lips. Suddenly a familiar feeling came over me, a similar one to when Kylo was watching me in the woods. I shiver. I look over my back and to the sides. Nobody was there but it felt as if somebody was looking at me. Using the force or not, it still was there. And I felt the presence.

I heard a soft whimper coming from the left of me, my head shot over to the left. I squint my eyes, and in the distance, I could just see a shiny piece of silver, lining a black price of metal. I turned slowly and started to creep forward. My hands unattached my light saber from my belt, and I gripped it tight with my hands. I turned it on, not letting the hum worry me. By now it was close to my body, protecting me from a possible surprise attack. The blue glow sizzles and lightens the forest around me. As I moved closer I started to see more scrap metal. I looked closely, It was the remains of what I thought to be an X-wing fighter. It was completely shredded and whoever was inside was either dead or extremely injured. There was no sign of a pilot anywhere, only a piece of black fabric, stuck to a metal price with clotted blood. I looked down at the burnt metal as noticed two drops of dark fresh blood. I scrunched my eyebrows with confusion, what had happened? I slowly walk forward and keep my eyes stuck to the floor. I notice a trail of thick dark red blood on the forest floor. Whoever was in the ship was alive, or at least had been. I lean down and touch the blood, it's fairly sticky. It's been around here for half an hour, which is how long it's been since I heard the crash. I heard a moan of pain, somewhere around me. "Help me." I heard a familiar voice cry in agony. Although it was familiar I didn't recognise it at all. I just couldn't connect the dots. Who was it? I take a deep breath and walk forward, carefully following the trail of blood. As I walk closer I can feel the force connection getting stronger. I pause in my steps. What if it's a trap? I raise my light saber to an attack position, I was ready. I hesitated before stepping forward. What if Kylo was here? Maybe I need help, maybe I should get Finn and Poe... No. I can do this myself. I carry on moving slowly forward. I look up and gasp as i see a black cape sprawled across the floor. I examine it quickly, the fabric was burnt, I couldn't tell who it belonged to, but I had a ad feeling. "Please..." I heard the male voice croak again, "someone help me.". I step forward, unaware of my surroundings. I look forward and I gasp. I stumble backwards, and just stare. Kylo Ren. I glare at his face and faintly smile at the scar I placed there. He deserved it, no... He deserves death. But then the panic kicks in. Kylo Ren is here. He's here at the resistance base. I panic and stumble backwards even more. I start to run away, I don't care. I need to get away.

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