Chapter 7: IHOP and Kidrauhl?

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Jaylie's  POV:
We arrived at IHOP and I was looking at the menu trying to figure out what I want to eat. " can I have the chocolate funny face pancake?" I said "sure honey"  said Justin. The waiter came and asked us what we wanted. As soon as he saw Justin his eyes went wide. When Justin wasn't looking, the waiter took  out his phone and snapped a pic of him. I giggled. We placed our order.

I was playing on Justin's phone when I came across YouTube. I had my headphones in and so I clicked on it. I saw a video. The Name was Kidrauhl. I clicked on it. I watched it. His voice was so good!!!. " Justin" I said as he looked at me" " watch this" I said as he took his phone. I went to the other  Side and sat by him. He clicked on the video and watched it for a few seconds. " Jaylie" "hmm" I said.  " Do you know who this is?" He asked me.

Justin's POV
Jaylie wanted to show me a video so I watched it for a few seconds. I realized that this was my channel. " Jaylie" " Do you know who this is?" She shook her head. "This is me" she looked at me confused. " Kidrauhl is my YouTube channel. That little boy is me" " WOAH" she said. "-I knew you sang but I didn't know you could sing that good " she said as our pancakes came.

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I'm wearing my Justin Bieber Tattoo sweater.

What are you wearing?

What was your first Kidrauhl video you saw?

Mine was probably the first or second one.


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