Chapter Twenty-One

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You are the Princess, Marietta.

My mother's blurry voice played over and over again through my mind.

You are the Princess.

I was a part of her plan since the very beginning, marry my father, have a daughter, and sign a marriage treaty with the Empire.

My life before this seemed easy compared to what it was now. To think all of the things that troubled me before were just leading up to this.

My life had a purpose now.

Nobody at the palace except for the royals knew that people were starving to death throughout all of the kingdom. They had hidden it from everyone, except their most trusted advisors. I had no idea even if Mathew knew or not.

"-This is why we need you're help." Alison finished, after explaining everything that the rebels stood for.

The light shone through the little window, Mathew sat motionless in the corner, his eyes on his feet. The heat from the sunny summer day was seeping in, causing all of us to sweat.

"She might be more complying if you untied her." Mathew muttered, shooting a quick glance at me.

"Then how would we know she wouldn't run away?" Alison seethed, she had very obviously had enough of him.

"Touché." He grinned lightly, but it didn't reach his eyes.

"If I agree to do this, will you let Mathew go as well?" I asked timidly.

"Only if he goes along with the plan we drew up for him." Her face contorted into a grimace at the sound of his name.

"I'd rather die a thousand-"

"I just got a you a deal, Mathew, so shut up and stop ruining it."

Mathew only answered with a string of curse words under his breath, followed by an angry sigh. Alison ran me through everything I needed to know before re entering court.

"There will be a letter for you, every three days, delivered to you by someone that works for us In the palace."

Mathew glared at Alison from across the room, but then looked at me, a different emotion flashing across his face too quick for me to comprehend.


Mathew and I sat in silence, once again in the dark carriage. He intently stared at the wall, while I watched him carefully.

I knew he wouldn't be okay with this plan, but this is who I was. This is where I came from, and he would have to accept that, "Mathew?" I whispered.

"I have nothing to say to you right now, Marietta." He said, his eyes still trained on the carriage wall.

"This was the only way-"

"You don't just get to do that," he finally turned his head to face me, anger seeping through his eyes, "You don't just get to excuse what you've just done by saying 'this is the only way,'" he raised his hand to point directly at me, "You know this wasn't the only way."

"My mother trusted those people, Mathew. I couldn't just throw away what they said!"

"You trust someone you've never met, and go along with what ever illegal plan they devise for you in the blink of an eye, rather than the person who's been by your side through everything." His blue eyes teared with anger, "Guess that just proves what kind of person you are."

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