"So, out with the secret." He said calmly but I could sense the curiosity. He looked at me when I didn't answer and raised his eyebrow, nudging me to answer.

"What secret?" I asked irritably. I didn't wish to be here. I was basically a hostage.

"Why are you so against love?" He asked though he was looking in front. I did not answer.

"What is it?" He pressed upon and I couldn't help but get more irritated.

"What is it to you?!" I snapped, looking away, out the window because looking at his face didn't help.

"Well, you are a hot girl. Smart. Pretty. Bitch of a personality but I'm sure some guy would be attracted to you. So I want to know why."

"And I don't want to answer you."

"Dumped by a guy?" He guessed, completely ignoring my annoyance to the subject.


"Got cheated on?"


"Your first crush was your best friend's boyfriend?" He asked. I didn't answer.

"He knocked you up and then left you and baby to fend for ourselves?"

"You should really stop watching chick flicks and maybe more of ESPN." I was getting irritated beyond limits.

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