Chapter Twelve - Fire

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The distinctly delicious smell of fried potatoes stirred me awake. My stomach made a mammoth sound in response. I slipped out of bed, noticing Jacobi's absence. Last night, my mark hadn't bothered me again and I had a feeling it was because of Jacobi's close presence. Somehow, my body was calmer around him. I didn't know how it was possible because I was human and our bodies didn't exactly function that way. But what else would explain my lack of pain?

I quickly washed up before heading downstairs, allowing my nose to guide me to the food. I grinned when I found Jacobi behind a stove, singing along to a tune on his stereo as he made breakfast. It was very domestic and nothing you'd imagine a prince doing.

"Morning." I grabbed the back of a stool and hopped on.

He turned, "Good morning, I'm assuming you're hungry?"

"You assume right." I nodded. "So you cook?"

"Sure do. They baby me too much at the castle. When I'm here I bask in the independence."

"I like that." I admitted. "Can we go shopping today? I don't know how long I can wear leggings and baggy sweaters." I glanced down at my deep purple leggings. I loved them but I wouldn't want to constantly wear them.

He turned off the stove and filled two plates with eggs and home fries. "We may... I might have to stop at the castle for a few hours, though."

"I'll just go shopping alone." I shrugged. "If you can drop me off at the mall or something." My eyes were fixed on the steaming plates he was carrying over. My stomach made another noise and I blushed in embarrassment.

He missed it and the serious look in his eyes seemed to be why. "I'd rather you didn't go alone."

"Why not?" I narrowed my eyes. "I'm perfectly capable of buying clothes by myself!" He was so not going to be the domineering mate under my eye. I wouldn't stand for it.

"I know." He sighed. "I'm just worried your mark will act up again and you'll be alone. Humans don't know about us, they wouldn't know what's going on. You could reveal everything."

Alright, maybe he had a bit of a point. "I'm not going to the castle."

"I know." He repeated. He placed the plate in front of me and another one on the place mat next to my seat. I was about to ask for a fork when he turned around and opened a drawer, beating me to it. "So my friend, Connor, will keep you company."

"I'm assuming he's a werewolf too?"

"Yup." He came around and sat next to me. I took the fork from him gratefully and dug in. "If anything goes wrong he'll call me."

I moaned in pleasure, his food was seriously good. "Damn, Wolfric, you make a mean breakfast."

He chuckled before taking a bite. "You haven't even tried my fettuccini yet."

The sound of the doorbell stopped me from responding. Jacobi stood to answer it. I couldn't help but admire the view from behind as he left. He was in a white t-shirt and black joggers that definitely made his ass look fine. I have a boyfriend, I have a boyfrie-

"Where's North Pole?" A guy around Jacobi's age entered the kitchen.

"Don't try to be funny, Connor..." Jacobi sighed like a fed up parent. "Alaska, this is Connor. Connor, this is Alaska."

I stood to shake his hand, "Nice to meet you."

Connor had dark, straight hair that swooped upwards at the ends, dark brown eyes and his cheeks were rosy as if he'd just finished working out but he wasn't the slightest bit out of breath. "You too. Still can't believe Cobi found himself a mate." He stared at me as if I were a mythical creature, which was odd seeing as he was the mythical creature, not me.

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