Hey guys! As I think all of you know I post everything from my phone... I tried to log onto this account by computer but it wouldn't let me. (If anyone knows how, please leave me a message). Anyway, for the longest time I wasn't able to do bold or italic writing, but now! Wattpad made it possible for phone users! I am sooooooo happy!!! I can't believe it. It's funny that I get so excited over this sort of thing... :D (Also, if anyone knows how to upload pics by phone, tell me please! And I will give the first person a shoutout c:)

Anyways, Here is B.B.L!

We had been driving for about 20 minutes when I saw a Starbucks place with a drive through.

"We are going," I stated as I drifted the car over to the other side of the highway.

"No, we are going to the party," said Jake as he yanked the steering wheel away from the exit, making us nearly hit a car and we missed the exit.

"We could have hit that car!" I snapped at him with a shout.

"But we didn't," he argued with a calm voice that angered me even more.

"You can't just grab someone's steering wheel like that!" I shouted at him with an enraged anger.

"Damn, you're hot when your anger," he smirked while looking me up and down.

That was a random twist of events, how do I answer that?

"Keep your eyes to yourself pig," I spat as I sped up to pass some slow grandma on the freeway.

"You're the one who wore that for male attention! Does Ryan not give you enough of that?" he snapped back at me.

I have to admit that was a good comeback. It just pissed me off even more that he said something like that. It is none of his business!

"Shut up Jake! It's none of your business what I do with and without my boyfriend!" I said, trying to calm myself down... but it is so hard.

"He doesn't even know you are coming to this party tonight, does he?" he chuckled.

I stayed quiet as I tried to swallow a lump in my throat, but it didn't budge.

"You didn't tell him!" he burst out laughing, "What an amazing girlfriend!" he laughed as he stared out the window.

"Shut up Jake," I said plainly. I am so done with him.

"Lighten up Princess," he chuckled as he turned some loud rock on the radio.

"Nope," I stated as I switched it to Justin Timberlake.

"Yes," he argued and turned on the head-banging rock song.

"No," I snapped as I turned on 'The Pussy Cat Dolls' .

"Yes," he returned my argument with a switch of the radio.

"WOMEN ALWAYS WIN," I growled as I switched on Nickleback.

"Fine," he mumbled as the car grew silent.

We had been driving for another 30 minutes,  and every inch we drove we got more into the boondocks. We drove up onto a dirt road and Jake simply pointed up a medium sized mountain that had a large house on top with a lake beside it and it was surrounded by dense forests.

"There?" I questioned uncertainly.

"Yes there," he smiled, I could tell he was excited to get to the party.

"You said it was a cabin!" I stated as we drove up the long, winding dirt road.

"I said he was rich though!" he chuckled as we stared up at the now almost setted sun.