5: Across Campus

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 It’s gone midnight when they let me out of the police station. Because they don’t have any other hard core evidence against me, they had to let me go. After a long day of them taking my photo, getting my fingerprints, waiting for my lawyer and parents to turn up, and then transferred into interrogation, I was ready to go home. All I wanted to do was get into bed, forget about all of this, and hug the love of my life.

The only problem with that is I don’t know if she’d let me. Harley didn’t understand where I’ve been going the last few days, who I’ve been texting and who I’ve been seeing. To her this must look really suspicious.

“She’ll understand,” Asher tells me, turning his head to face me. “She might be slightly hurt at the moment, but when you tell her, she’ll understand. She loves you, Chase.”

I nod, turning my head to look out of the window. “I know,” I reply, letting out a long breath through my nose, “But I can’t tell her. Not yet. It’ll ruin everything…”

Asher sighs. “I think you not getting sent down for murder is more important than this.”

Rubbing my forehead, I rest my head against the cold car window. Vibrations from the car run through the window, to my head, and I close my eyes at the strange sensation. “If we can just not tell her what I’ve been doing just for a while…she’ll know soon, anyways. You and Nate know where I was.”

Asher sighs again. “Alright, I just hope you know what you’re doing.”


Chase returns gone midnight. When I hear the door open, I sit in bed, holding my breath. I didn’t know what to do. Did I run to him? Hug him? This wasn’t the same as when he got back from classes, or from work. He got back from a police station, after being interrogated.

Slowly, I slip a foot out of bed and then another. When both of my feet touch the cold ground, I stand up. For a minute I stand there and listen. Chase isn’t alone in the dorm, he’s with Asher.

Squaring my shoulders and letting out a long breath, I grab a cardigan from the chair and pull it on. Wrapping it tightly around my body, I walk out of my bedroom and into the living room.

“Hey,” I mumble, and they both turn to look at me. Pushing my hair out of my face, I look at them both, waiting for either of them to say something.

Asher is the first one to speak. “Hey,” he says, “Where’s Nate?”

Clearing my throat, I say, “He went home. He had to feed and take Jellybean for a walk.”

Asher nods. “Did you get dinner?”

“We did,” I nod, “And we watched Twilight.” A small smile appeared on my face as I remembered mine and Nate’s conversation, but I quickly force it away. Now is definitely not the time to be discussing Twilight with my boyfriend that’s recently been accused of murder. Thinking about that, I ask, “So how did things go at the station?”

Chase and Asher look at each other. This time, Chase replies. “It was fine,” he replies, his lips pulling up into a small smile. It quickly drops though, and I look away. “They’re not charging me with anything. They don’t have any hard-core evidence as of yet.”

“Oh,” I mumble, looking down at the floor. “So what are they going to do?”

“Try and find evidence that I didn’t,” Chase supplies. Quickly, he adds, “Which I didn’t.”

I know, my mind says, but instead of saying it out loud, I just nod. For a minute, Chase looks at me with sadness in his eyes, and his mouth opens like he’s going to say something but after an internal battle that seems to last forever, he closes his mouth and turns away.

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