Never Ending (Sire's Day Writing Challenge)

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Exquisite. Delicate. Fine. These were all words I never would have used to describe venom. My heart beats to its own metronome, pumping poison through my veins. I feel on fire and yet I feel numb all the same. Blood, cool compared to the heat, drips down my neck, landing on the tile like a fingernail tapping against hollow wood.

My daughter's tongue flicks away the blood on her teeth. Her open mouth curves upward, the two fangs shimmering with the blood she missed. "Now I can hurt you again and again, Mother, and you can never die."

I now challenge SarahPerlmutter , shadowcheah , emilita , kaijuviper , _salacious , famouxx , bnlfan , HannahNelson809 , scifiwriter , RebeccaSky to write their own story for WattVampires ' challenge. I know a lot of you are scifi girls but let's step out of our comfort zones.

I also challenge everyone who made a cover for this book (I will be alternating covers). choeygirl @disneyfans (I will add the others from my computer)

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