You're a neko?!

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Mika's POV
It was morning and I felt a welcoming warmth.I also felt arms around my waist.I then felt a human like form beside me.

I open my eyes to see a raven haired boy sleeping beside me.I widen my eyes and set up quickly.My movement woke the boy up.

He then widen his eyes and sat up but he fell from the bed.I stared at him as he groan in pain.'Who are you?How did you get into my house?!' I shouted.

The boy stared at me and that's when I notice cat ears and a tail.What is he?He's not human nor cat.Both maybe?
'I..I c..can ex..p..plain.' The boy stuttered.

I stared at him as he continued 'I..I w..wanted to t..tell you soon a..b..bout myself.' I stared at him confused.
'I..I'm that black,m..mika.'

My eyes widen once again.He can't be that black cat.'Wh..what?!Don't joke around!Tell me the truth!' I shouted.

'I..I'm t..telling you th..the truth...'
He stuttered.I then saw bandages all over him.There was bandages on his legs,both of his arms and on his neck.

Those were the same as the black cat's injuries.I stared at him before admitting it.'Okay,I believe you...'
'H..huh?' He ask.

I then carried him bridal style and put him on the bed.'I'm going to the bathroom and when I'm done,we'll eat breakfast.'The boy only nodded and I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth.

When I got out I saw the boy hiding his head on his knees.I went to him and his ears start to perk up.I carried him as I did just now and went downstairs.

The boy only stayed quite.I put him on the chair of the dining table and I took out a cereal box,two bowls,two spoons and milk to eat.

I went to the dining table and put the things down.'Hey...' I started.The boy look up and I continued 'you can eat human food right?'

He nodded and I poured cereal following by milk into the two bowls.We ate in silent.I kept staring at the boy and I don't know why.

'What's your name?' I ask.'Y..Yuichirou H..Hyakuya.' He answered.I nodded and I introduce myself too 'I haven't introduce myself properly.'My name's Mikaela Shindo.' Yuichirou only nodded.

'Hey,Yuichirou...' I started.'Just yuu is fine...' he said and I nodded.'Yuu,do you have a family?Friends?' I ask.He froze and look away.

' l..last family died 4 years ago and I..I don't kn..know where my fr..friends are right now.' He stuttered.
I look at him with pity.It must be hard for him.

I took my bowl and his and walk to the kitchen.I wash them and place them neatly.When I turn around I saw yuu trying to walk towards me.

I caught him just in time when he was about to fall.'Don't walk to much.You're still not healed.' I said and carried him back upstairs.

I went to the bathroom and place him on the toilet sit after checking the lid was close.'You're not afraid of water are you?' I ask.Yuu only nodded and I began to open my shirt.

Yuu stared at me before asking 'Do I have to bath with you?' I thought for awhile before answering 'yea...'
'May i ask why?' I ask again.'It's because you're still injured so I have to watch you...' He answered.

I then took of the green hoodie he was wearing.I saw a lot of scratches on his body.After awhile of staring I open his bandages and then open the water from the tub and waited till it was almost full.

I check the temperature before asking yuu to pull off his pants.He did as I told and start to blush a bit.I then carried him and put him in gently.

He groan in pain.I then start to pull off my pants and get in as well (sexy mika alert!!).I then poured a little water on yuu's head.

I start to squirt some shampoo on my hands.I scrub gently and I saw yuu's cheeks was red.I then blush as well realising what we were doing.

Yuu's POV
I..I'm bathing w..with m..mika?!I blush hard when he pull down his pants.He is now scrubbing my hair gently with his shampoo.

We stayed quite during the whole bathing.We both finish and mika got out.He wrap his lower half with a towel and then he carried me and put me on the toilet sit.

He got a big towel for me and wrap me with it.He then carried me out the bathroom and put me on the bed.He took out some clothes from the closet.

He wore his and he help me with mine.
He help me wore a black shirt with long sleeves that almost close my fingers.He then help me with the boxers and pants.

'Put your arms around my neck...' Mika demanded.I wrap my arms around his neck and he put on the boxers and the pants on me.

He then plug on a hair dryer and he dried my hair.He then dried his hair as soon as he was done with mine.

'Hey yuu...' Mika started.I hum and he continue 'How old are you?' 'S..sixteen.'
I answered.'Why do you keep stuttering when you talk?' He ask.''s because I..I haven't for f..four years...' I answered.

Mika nodded and read a book.I stared at him like I did yesterday.'M..mika...'
I started.Mika let out a small hum not looking away from the book 'Th..thank you f..for t.taking care of' I continued.

Mika look up and smiled.He then ruffle my hair gently.I smiled as well and he continued to read.I think we're going to get along well...

There is a lot of mika carrying yuu bridal style in this chapter...

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