Chapter 23

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I blink my eyes open and stretch, noticing the TV is on. Michael is still next to me, watching teen wolf.

"Hey baby," He says, pausing the show and sitting up. "The rest of the boys are putting their bags in the car, so let's get you ready." He coos.

He stands up and picks me up, going over to my suitcase and picking an outfit out.

He lays me on tje bed and untapes my nappy and wipes and powders me before dressing me in black leggings and a fuzzy purple sweater.

He boops my nose making me giggle and he smiles. "C'mon princess, let's go." He says and picks me up. He grabs my suitcase and we go down to the lobby.

Our car is waiting for us outside the hotel so we can get in easily. He puts me in my car seat then puts my suitcase in the back.

Michael then slides in next to me and pulls down the movie screen to put Wreck It Ralph in for me.

When we get home, Michael carries me in and sets me in my playpen, going back out and helping unpack.

Awhile later, they are finished unpacking and are sitting on the couch with me.

"Wanna watch Edward Scissorhands?" Luke asks me, bouncing me on his knee. "I've never seen it." I reply and giggle when they all gasp dramatically.

"Okay that's it, we're watching it." Ashton says and goes over to the cabinet with all the dvd's.

He pulls the movie out and pops it in the dvd player, walking into the kitchen after.

He comes back shortly with a bottle, sitting on the couch and placing me gently in his lap.

He feeds me as we watch the movie, giggling and nudging me when I get distracted and stop drinking.

After the movies over, Ashton picks me up and carries me to my nursery. He lays me on the changing table and proceeds to change me, throwing away the used nappy and wiping me, putting a freshly one on.

He tickles my stomach gently, and smiles when I bat his hands away. "C'mon sweetheart let's take a nap." He says and picks me up, patting my bum.

He carries me to Calum's and his master bedroom and lays me down on the bed. He puts pillows around the edges of the bed so I don't fall off and lays next to me.

"Ni-night princess." He says and kisses my forehead. I smile and snuggle closer to him and close my eyes.

Before I drift off to sleep, I hear Calum come into the room and "Aww" at the sight of us.
He gets in with us and lays behind Ashton, kissing my forehead.

"Is she asleep?" I hear Ashton asks, his raspy voice evident. "Yeah." Calum responds and I hear them kiss.

"Love you." Calum says and Ashton says it back before wrapping his arms around me again.


"Sweetheart wake up." Someone says and rubs my stomach. When I sit up and I'm greeted with a smiling Luke and Michael.

"Calum and Ashton had to go shopping for groceries, so it's just you and us baby girl." Luke coos and lowers the crib bars, picking me up easily.

"Okay daddy." I say and snuggle into his neck. He grins and carries me over to the changing table, where he changes my nappy and just puts one of his time shirts over my head.

Michael tickles my stomach to distract me as Luke puts my hair up in a high ponytail. We go downstairs and Luke sets me in my high chair, bringing over a bowl of lasagna.

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