Rocky's POV:

Ok, not sure how to start this, but, I guess I should start with this:

I. Love. Cece. Jones. I know I shouldn't love her, but she's just so damn sexy! I say that cause, I... saw her undress for bed one night so, you can imagine my reaction to that. I know how I'm going to tell her. We used to always play "Truth or Dare" when we were kids, but we didn't know about lesbians back then, so we always did "Truth". But not now, I'm going to make her choose "Dare", so I can kiss her, and take it to the bedroom.... heh-heh, she's always been shy about girl-on-girl kissing or sex, but I'm not. I love that girl, and tonight, I'm gonna prove it. And since tonight's the final show of Shake It Up, Chicago!, we'll have plenty of time for each other since school's out for the semester. So, you all know what that'll mean: Hard. Core. Lovin'. Shit, Ty wants me. I'll keep you updated on our "Truth or Dare." Rocky Blue out.

CeCe's POV:

Ok, tonight's the night, it's now or never for me, if I don't come out with my love now, I'll lose her before I've even had her in my arms... God, I'm taking this love shit too hard. I've already been hurt once by Gunther, I don't want my best friend to hurt me... I couldn't bear it.... I don't know what I would do... Ok, I'm done ranting at the moment, tonight's the night. And I think we're doing "Truth or Dare"... YES!!!

End of Chapter 1.

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