An Intrepid Interrogation

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"I said no, Miss Jones, and that is final."

I huff angrily and cross my arms across my chest. We've been arguing back and forth for the past hour and a half over whether or not I can go interrogate my father. Rip is adamant against my going. Possibly because he's worried I'll crack under the pressure but more likely he's worried I'll murder my old man. Which I'm about 78% sure I won't do. Anyway this isn't about revenge this is about saving Jax.

"Rip you can't stop me if I go. Either let me go and be useful. Or let me go on my own," I glare at him, "Alone."

Rip growled something about "being a captain and no one obeying him" under his breath before waving me away.


"Thank you," I say sarcastically turning on my heel to leave.


I chuckle darkly under my breath continuing out of the room.


I rolled my eyes.

"Whatever you say, Captain."

Four minutes later I was standing opposite my father. Him inside his square glass prison, me glaring at him from the outside. Snart and Ray are in the connected room watching the monitor making sure I don't go in and wring his pathetic little neck. However they're probably too busy bickering to notice if I did murder my dad.

Joe, the other man we kidnapped, is in a cell adjacent to my father's. All that separates the pair is a four inch thick glass cut straight through the center. Joe is sitting on the floor sending death glares at anyone who makes eye contact with him.


The word is strange on my tongue.

"Yes?" My father snarls looking over me distainfully, "What do you want, Ugly?"

"Look who's talking," I shoot back crossing my arms across my chest.

My father sighs irritably and rolls his eyes.

I blink.

It was almost like I was looking in a mirror. The way he corners of his mouth wrinkle when he frowns, the way the space between his eyebrows crease, the muscle twitching in the left side of his temple, the-"

"Are you done staring yet?"

I shake myself out of my thoughts and glare.

"You still haven't answered my question, Idiot," I snap back.

He huffs and turns away from me.

"I don't know anything!"

Now it's my turn to roll my eyes.

"Really? Cause I think you're lying," I say walking closer to the glass before slamming my fist against it.

He leaps backward in fear.

"And I really don't like being lied to," I say in a low voice.

Joe laughs from inside his cell.

"Intimidation is not your strong point, my dear," he chuckles his dark eyes flashing, "At all."

I turn to him raising my eyebrows.

"It would be really nice of you to shut up," I say cheerfully pressing a button on the side of his cell. All noises from his space are immediately silenced. Another plus is that now he can't hear a word we say.

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