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"Karkst, we need t9 start y9ur less9ns." The older troll spoke calmly. "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?" Karkat knew what his dancestor meant he just liked messing with him. "Y9ur m9uth, it's h9rri6le, we need t9 w9rk 9n it." Kankri sighed, trying to not yell and trigger someone. "MY MOUTH IS FINE, YOU DOUCHE." The younger Vantas rolled his eyes. "N9 its n9t, 9ur ancest9r said-" A soft yet sharp knock interrupted the troll almost making Karkat smile, almost. The boys looked at each other and yelled for their ancestor to get the door. The oldest Vantas was at the end of the steps and looked at them. "Why couldn't one of you answer it?" He groaned as he walked to the door in long strides.

His hair was slicked back and he wore a suit with a purple rose and bow. "WHY ARE YOU DRESSED LIKE YOUR ON A DATE?" Karkat asked, he had never seen his ancestor will a matesprit before. "6ecause he has a date, stupid." Kankri quickly covered his mouth as if he had said a curse word. "Yes Kankri I am. But not really a date just a little get-to-know-you" He smiled warmly hoping he wasn't to nervous. The door opened and there stood Grand Highblood. His hair was still messy and wild but he wore the same suit as Signless but his tie and rose was red.

"HI MR. MAKARA. TREAT OUR ANCESTOR NICE." Karkat laughed on the inside when he saw both their faces flush with embarrassment. Kankri rolled his white eyes and went up to his room so he could text his matesprit, Cronus Ampora, in peace. Signless was about to leave before he whipped his head at Karkat so fast his hair popped into its normal form. "Don't forget you have school tomorrow." He almost growled. Karkat was known for skipping school but he promised Signless he would try school.

-Time skip because FUCKASS-

The school was packed! Left and right you would see trolls and humans walking around, talking, fighting, and other none sense. Karkat chose to look 'fresh' so his black hair was styled into it's normal puffy look. He wore white shirt with a red slice of blood on it, tight grey jeans, a red and black checkered hood, and simple white converses. He got some looks as he walked to the main office. "Uncle! He looks cool. Can we talk to him?!" A girly voice rang through Karkat's pierced ears. He was just about to walk into the room when someone jumped on his back. "HI!!" The voice from earlier was louder hurting his ears. He looked over his shoulder amd saw a little girl, no older than 4 or 5. She had dark brown hair and bright orange eyes with little specks of green. "Rachel! I told you no!" A teen kid ran up to Rachel and Karkat. "But Uncle Dave he looked cool!" Rachel pouted holding onto to Karkat tighter.

"I'm gonna kill my brother and Jake..." He mumbled. "Hey, I'm really sorry. Did she hurt you?" The boy looked up at Karkat, his eyes covered by black shades. "NO I'M FINE ASSHOLE." Karkat looked at the boy almost studying him. The boy wore a white shirt with red sleeves and some music notes, black jeans, and red converses. Dave pulled Rachel off Karkat and told her to get in her seat. She sat down in a chair right next to Karkat. "Hey, my name is Dave Strider, nice to meet you." Dave smiled. Karkat shook his hand and spoke "My name's Karkat, Im new." A group of giggling girls walked by pointing at them. "Oh look, the gay boy is making friends!" They chanted as Dave looked at the floor. "HEY SHUT UP YOU BULGE SUCKING HOES!" Karkat yelled as they looked at him in horror. "Uncle Dave?" Rachel wrapped her small arms around Dave's leg. He cried but made very little movement and sound. "HEY I'M SORRY THEY ARE BITCHES." Karkat was shocked. He had never said sorry to anyone! What makes Dave so different?

He will soon find out.

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