Chapter 7

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Kyra's pov.

2 years later..

As I walk through the woods I think back to the day I found my dad,turns out after all he is my father,I have DNA tests to prove that.Yes we did DNA tests just to be sure.

Over the past two years I've learnt alot about myself and this pack.The reason why it has no name is because it's not exactly a pack it's sort of a refugee camp for wolves that are rejected,unwanted,abused or no longer have a pack.My father created it because during the time my mother died the rogues had finished off the rest of his pack.Only he and four other men survived,so he thought he could rebuild another pack by doing this.The pack look up to him,he's taken so much care for them,they all protect each other like a pack should.

"Hey,what are you thinking about?"Benjamin asks.

Remember the boy's from the woods,the ones that found me.Well this is one of them,the one I thought was their leader.

"Yea what are you thinking about",Simion says while smirking.

"Awww is it a boy?",says Sebastian,grinning like a fool.

"Oh come on do tell us his name",Max begs.

"Oh shit up will you,there's no boy alright",I say while trying to hide my blush.What!!You can't blame me.

"Awww she's blushing",says Simion.They all burst out laughing.

"Shut up",I tell them while trying to stop grinning as i start walking away.Over the past two years we've all became good friends after the day in the woods, since then we've been inseparable.Max,Simion and Sebastian have found their mates. Benjamin is still the lonely bird.Well me too ,but that's different...

"Aww don't be like that,we were just joking",says Sebastian while swinging his arm around my shoulder.

"Sure,now get your smelly,sticky arm off me before I break it".I say.

He's quick to remove his arm from my shoulder.

"Alright,Geez woman,chill",he says standing behind Benjamin.

That's right,This woman has been through hard core training and is ready to kick ass.

Make sure you don't kick your own ass,my wolf snickers.

Oh shut up that was one time.

Sure she says full on laughing in my head.

Crazy Bitch.

Her laughter stops abruptly,You did not just call me a crazy bitch!!

I just did.

I laugh out loud and the boy's stare at me weirdly.

"What's so funny?",they all ask at the same time.

"Nothing",I reply nonchalantly.

"Come on race you to the pack house",I say while grinning.

I shift and start running,they do the same and follow complaining through the pack link.

Hey no fair!!
That's cheating!!

Oh suck it up babies!
Hey we're not babies!!They say all at once.
So stop complaining than...

Once we reach the pack house we all go behind trees and shift using the clothes that are stashed there.Once done,I walk into the pack house straight to my father's office.When I walk in, he's  busy talking on the phone,once he notices me he tells me to sit down.

"Alright John,thank you so much...Yes,yes I will",he says to the  person on the phone before hanging up.

"Who was that?"I ask curiously.

"That was Alpha John,of the Silver moon Pack,they sighted a few rogues near their pack yesterday morning and he was just informing me.I told him that if he sights any to inform me straight away.

"So tha....",I am cut off by alarms ringing all over the place.

Benjamin bursts through the doors looking bewildered and says the words I've dreaded to hear.

"Alpha the rogues are attacking".


Oh shit!!!
Hope you liked this chapter

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