Chapter 6

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Kyra's pov.

What the hell! That's impossible he can't be my father.

He could be you know,you look alike after all,says my wolf.

But it's impossible,I say to her.

I can feel something,go closer.

Like what???Like a bond or something.

Something like that,like I feel safe around him,she says.

"What are you talking about??I'm from Red Dawn pack,I can't be your daughter",I say to him.

He steps forward and the the boy's holding me slowly let go and stand behind me.

"May I hold your hand",he asks.

I agree and slowly he holds my hand.I'm suddenly overwhelmed by a sense of protection,Power and most of all I feel safe in a place I barely know.

I hear sobbing.When I look up at the man holding my hand,I see he is indeed crying.Head down and shoulders shaking.

He looks up at me and pulls me in for a hug.At first my arms are by my sides but then I slowly start to hug him back.

"I found you,my dearest Kyra",he manages to say while still sobbing uncontrollably.

"How are you so sure that I'm your daughter"I ask him.

"Well when I first looked into your eyes I felt protective over you,and well my wolf surfaced after three years",he says.

"Wait so you've been without your wolf for three years?!!I say shocked.

"Yes,ever since my mate passed,his never once surfaced until today".

I look around and finally notice the boy's from earlier are no longer around.When did they leave.

"I want to tell you something,come let's go for a walk"he says.

I follow behind him as he walks into the woods behind,what I'm assuming is the pack house.

"Years ago",he begins.
"My mate and I had a daughter, she was named after my mate's mother who was murdered.Sadly on her first birthday,she was taken by the same rogues that killed my mate's mother.My men and I searched for her day and night,I never gave up only until three years ago when my mate was killed by the same rogues.I stopped all searches and grieved for my mate,I lost contact with my wolf until today."

"I'm so sorry for your loss",I say."what was the name of your daughter?"I ask.

"Kyra",he says while looking up at me.

I stand there staring at him,my mouth agape.

"So wait let me get this straight,your my Dad and I'm your daughter.

"Yes",he answers.

He's telling the truth ,I can feel it,my wolf says.

I go up to him and hug him while sobbing.I just found my real father after all.


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