Chapter 4

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He stands there staring dumbfounded at me.I take that chance and run out of school and into the woods.I shift into my midnight black wolf and run even faster.

As soon as I reach the house I see no ones home,so I quickly run up the stairs and change into some clothes then I pack a gym bag full of clothes and other necessities,I also grab the money I've been saving and shove it in my bag,and zip it up.

I sit on my bed and write a note.

Dear Pack,
By the time you read this letter i would have already passed the pack borders.I am done being your slave or whatever it is you call me.I'm done being your punching bag.
So I'm leaving but I will be back for one thing only,my Revenge.


I fold the note and place it on the bed.I take one last look at my room and jump out of the window,shifting at the same time.

I run and let my wolf take charge,she let's out all her pain,all her rage as she runs.I hate him she says.

I hate him more,I reply.

As she runs past the pack borders,I feel it.It feels as if all the ties I had with the pack have have been ripped away,I feel free.We both do.


Two days.That's how long I've been running.And in those two days,I've realised something.I'm a rogue now,if I end up on any pack lands now I'm as good as dead.

Please stop,we've been running for two days we're far least have a rest,Ana my wolf says.

I stop at a lake,and drink.I never realised how thirsty and tired I was until now.

Still in wolf form I lay down by a tree beside the river,and slowly drift off to sleep.

I'm awoken by a growl.I open my eyes and slowly stand up,I'm completely surrounded by wolves,there's about four of them and their all males.Soon,one by one they start shifting,I face down,not wanting to see anything.

"Shift",I hear one of them say,slowly I shift back into human form and try to hide myself as much as I can.One of them passes me a shirt and a pair of shorts from my gym bag which I hadn't taken notice of,slowly they all turn and I'm left to change,when I'm decent they turn back facing me.

Finally I take a look at all of them,they look about the same age as me and they all look very cute,must I say.

"Who are you and what are you doing on this territory ,"says the boy who I'm guessing is their leader.

"I'am Kyra Williams and I didn't know this land belonged to any pack"I say honestly.

"We're gonna have to take you to the alpha",the same boy says.

"Please,I didn't mean to trespass,"I plead.

"I'm sorry,but the alpha wants to see you",he says.

Before I can protest,two of them grab me roughly by my arms while the other two walk behind us,one of which is holding my bag.

"What pack is this?!"I ask.

"One you wished you'd never cross".

Oh boy.


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