Chapter 3

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Well history was an ass,I think to myself.
It wasn't that bad,My wolf Ana replies.
She was like a sloth,I ramble.No seriously,she was talking so slow,and she's not even fifty,I think.I'm pulled out of my thoughts when I bumped into a wall.

Okay seriously that wasn't there.

I groan as I land on my butt,hard.But then I smell something so divine, so yummy.Like Chocolate and cinnamon. Mmmm.

"What the hell",an all too familiar voice says.

I slowly look up and proven right when I see an all to familiar boy.

Mate!mate!mate! My wolf says repeatedly in an overjoyed tone.

Tyson conner,the soon to be Alpha and my number one bully towers over me.
And our mate!

"Watch where your going,slag",he says angrily while walking away.

"Wait,your my mate",i say a little hurt that he didn't acknowledge the fact that we're mate's.

He scoffs and turns around
"You,my mate,please don't flatter yourself.Look at me and look at you.Your pathetic,sweetheart,Get that into your head,We're not mates.


"I Tyson Conner reject you Kyra Williams as my mate".

My knees give out and I fall to the ground with tears in eyes.My wolf and I cry at our loss, at our rejection.The pain is so unbearable,it hurts so much.It's as if someone is shoving a knife into my heart.

I hear him begin to walk away,but before he gets away,I say out loud and clear..

"I Kyra Williams accept your rejection".


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