Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions:

I get a whole bunch of the same questions a lot of users ask, so I’m just going to kill two birds with one stone and post it here =)

1.)    Are you a girl? Haha okay when I first got asked this question I was like whaaaaat? This was before I knew that some girls on Wattpad pretend to be guys. Last time I went to the bathroom, I was definitely a guy... but I’ll let you know if that ever changes. 

2.)    Are you one guy who has split personalities? Well no, but believe what you want to. I don’t think we need to prove ourselves, so as long as we did make you smile then our job is done. (AWWWWH)

 3.)    Who am I speaking to? It’s Reece. It will always be me. There aren’t 5 guys occupying one laptop and commenting collectively! That would be impossible lol.

 4.)    Do the guys ever log onto your account? Yes but only when I’m around. I appear as offline on the chat bar though when they’re viewing the comments etc.

 5.)    Do you really prank call people or do you make them up? I really do -_- If I made it up I definitely wouldn’t end the conversations when it starts to get good but again believe what you want to!

 6.)    Why don’t you post up pictures of yourself? Well bear in mind that these guys did claim to sleep with 1000s of girls, masturbate and get caught by their moms and much more weird stuff... so posting our pictures on the internet won’t be the best of ideas.

 7.)    Will you ever do Youtube recordings? Maybe, I’m still thinking about it. We might post the prank recordings (only audio) but to edit sound files will take a while. And you don’t get to see this but normally I go through 5 or 6 dead prank calls before I get to one person funny enough to be able to post it on wattpad.

 8.)    Where do you stay? Same reason as number 6. We revealed too much shit to actually post our personal details! I’m really sorry though =] but the book wouldn’t have been that funny if we all didn’t tell the truth.

 9.)    Does Brandon have a girlfriend? Not that I know of, no. He had a girlfriend about 2 months back I think.

 10.) Clyde scares me! Why is he your friend? LOL if Clyde scares you then I’d love to see your reaction to other people in the real world. This question I get a lot, people seem to be hating on Clyde hahaha. Anyway, yes Clyde is a whore but he’s a whore to other whores. He has been out with innocent girls and he was a complete gent according to them. He’s actually a good friend and extremely funny as well, so chillax dawgs.

 11.) Please can you prank somebody for me? We don’t do personal pranks! Unfortunately we’re 21 and most of the people that read this are below 18 so we can’t just be calling yo’ mates around, dawg. If you have any general suggestions then that’s fine.

 12.)My BBM pin is *******. Uh thanks. I’m going to invite you as a used-car salesmen and spam you with old, ugly pickup trucks.

 13.)Where do you get your ideas for pranks from? Some of our ideas aren’t original! Some are from Youtube videos, past internet chat conversations etc. Some we just plan ahead and some we just make up on the spot.

 14.)I want to do a girls version of How Boys Think? Go right ahead, as long as you don’t copypasta our work I’m fine with that. HOWEVER, I’m noticing that some are doing it for the fame. Do it because you’re generally funny. I mean we really did the interviews and we really prank call people, so be dedicated and don’t just do it as an easy way to get some fans, dawg.

 15.)Uhm why did you fan me? I’m pretty sure I put this on my profile... but I fan you cause we’re friendly bastards and it’s the least I can do to say thank you.

 16.)It’s awesome that you guys aren’t homophobic etc!

 Thank you but there’s more to that story. We’re actually really against bullying as well... some of you may have caught on with my lil dispute in one of the Wattpad forums. Anyway Roger used to get bullied a lot during high school, especially on Facebook with private messaging and indirect wall posts .It got to the point where he was beaten up once. All along we didn’t know this was happening until we actually saw his bruises. Unfortunately Brandon found out about this and wanted to beat these guys up (Brandon has a short temper and a soft spot for Roger) so Dean, Clyde and I had to go tell the principle before this thing got out of hand. These guys ended up being suspended and had a permanent record on their files! Roger actually later admitted that he was suicidal during that time. So that’s one of the reasons why we are so strong against bullying.

 17.)What do you guys study? I study Mathematical Sciences, Clyde studies Architecture, Brandon study Mechanical Engineering, Dean studies Sport Psychology and Roger majors in Media Studies.

 18.)Why didn’t you reply to my wall posts? I try respond whenever I have the time! I’m not a fan of responding to twenty people in one wall post example:

@mylifeissad lol really!
@ineedalife haha thank you so much!
@imsohungryrightnow I’m glad you liked it!
@reeceisanunugirl OMG! Yeah me too
@Icantthinkofnames HAHAHAHA! Yeah I’m happy you enjoyed it!
@reecesucks LOL? Really! Thank chu!

 I prefer to post on peoples walls =] so yeah that’s why I take quite long.

19.)Why do you post “I love you” everywhere? It’s just something crazy. “I love you” is so intense in real life so why can’t we just be saying I LURV CHU to everyone we meet on here?

 20.)What does BONGA mean? Bonga is a universal word. It can mean anything you want it to mean! In the pranks, it’s basically used to annoy the other person since they too don’t know what it means.


I really hope that answers all of your questions!


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