Enter Gracie

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Mud was sitting at the table practicing her writing. Yesterday as she was playing with Nala her caretaker came over to have Nala write a card for her mother. Mud was curious and so her caretaker, Ms. Ellis, gave her some writing books to help. Ever since Mud has been writing; Seth came to help a few but he just sat next to her and let her do it by herself. She really was improving a bit but her letters were still squiggly.

“Mud, you want to take a break? We can go outside and talk a walk?” Seth suggested. Mud nodded, missing the outside. She held up the paper that said her name. “How’s this?”

Seth smiled at the uneven lines that barely spelled out ‘Mud.’ “You are doing great Mud.” He grabbed her hand and led her outside. They walked around the forest, Seth showing her the other houses in the pack. They passed by one in which Roger was found playing with the little kids. He has become a good friend to the little ones.

“Seth, I’m hungry can we go get something to eat?” Mud asked as they were walking back home.

“Of course, I’ll make you something again.” Mud shouted with joy and the two raced back.

“I win I win,” Mud kept cheering as they entered the house. Seth smiled and laughed. Even though he slowed down to let her win she was doing well keeping up. They walked into the kitchen when Seth stopped and frowned. Mud stopped and smiled. “Hey, it’s the pretty girl from before.”

Seth could not believe Mud called her that. “Well nice to hear,” Gracie sneered. Seth glared and pushed Mud behind him. “What’s wrong Seth, I quite liked her compliment.”

Mud looked between them, worrying about her mate. Who was this girl? “I’ve heard all about her Seth. How can she possibly lead this pack?” The girl called Gracie said, walking around them. “I am here for another week and the offer still stands Seth.” She then turned to Mud, who was still confused. “Nice to meet you, Mud.” She stretched her name, laughing and walking away.

Seth growled as Mud turned to him. “Who was that Seth?”

Turning his head to his confused mate, he just kissed her forehead, mumbled “no one,” and continued to the kitchen to make his mate something to eat. He did not want Mud to know that that was the woman who his father wanted to marry.

Just one week.

Gracie had to get out of there before she fell again. Ever since meeting that girl in the hall she has been feeling very strange. Just by bumping her Gracie felt her power drain from her. And now just seeing her today Gracie was fighting the strange energy that attacked her. “He’s not going to give in.” Gracie turned as Tim came into her room.

Gracie shook her head, “And you don’t know where she is from?” Tim shook his head. “Well then if nothing changes then there is your Luna.”

“No,” Tim growled. “My son needs a strong ruler by his side. This girl is nothing but an island girl who does not even know how to read. You are much better than her.” Gracie shrugged and sat on her couch. She really did not know why she was here. If the Alpha had a mate than she was no longer needed but her father just happens to want this certain pack in control and so here she was. “Look Tim, I’m doing my best but just face facts: the island girl who does not know how to read will be the Luna of this pack. Now, I am leaving in one week and need to pack.” Grumbling, Tim left.

Gracie stared at the door before rolling her eyes and turned on her music. She did not understand what her father saw about this pack but when he wants something he’ll do anything to get it. She could remember the last time he wanted a pack this bad. They Alpha refused an arranged marriage and it did not go well. Even though she was only six years old she could still remember her father’s decision of what to do next.

The pack was to be destroyed.


Sorry this was a short one it was just to introduce Gracie. 

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