Chapter 21 - The Rescue

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We parked up our cars a block away from castle Christian so that he wouldn't know that we'd disobeyed his orders and began going over our plan. As far as Tom's diabolical mind went, it wasn't that dangerous of a plan. It was probably still illegal though. And very very difficult.

"We all know what we're doing?" Tom asked after his initial explanation was complete. Aaron and I nodded. "Steve?"

"Yeah, yeah I got it. Give you guys five minutes before I walk up to the front door and find Christian" He acknowledged. "I'm not sure if this is really a full proof plan though"

"It isn't, but it's all we've got so it has to work" Shrugged Tom.

"Remember, you have to stall Christian for as long as possible" I reminded Steve.

"Trust me, I remember" He assured me.

"Alright Frodo. Let's go get your girl" Tom smiled before leading the way. He dug around in our empty coffin for a large sports bag which contained everything we thought we'd need to execute our plan successfully. I hoped we had everything; we only had a few minutes to pack before we'd left Eternal Wings.

Here's what the main points of the plan was. Yeah, Tom actually told us it this time. Go figure!

We were going to sneak round to the back of the home, scouting every entrance we could on the way. We were once again wearing our suits and hat so we could blend in with the nightfall. Steve was then going to go in the front and stall Christian for as long as he could whilst we looked for Naomi and attempted an extraction. Sounds simple enough but trust me there were plenty of challenges to overcome in the process.

One of which was the building itself. It was the biggest funeral home I'd ever seen, reminiscent of an old gothic mansion like you see on TV. It was sat atop a small hill just like the one he'd been using across the road from us, with the standard long gravel driveway and accompanying graveyard. As I've previously mentioned, Christian had installed cameras everywhere and most likely had someone watching them on the inside. There were also, as promised, men guarding every door that we saw. I couldn't see any weapons, but it wouldn't have surprised me if they were armed. They certainly looked the part. This was honestly the Fort Knox of funeral parlours, and we were trying to break in.

We finally chose an entrance that we were going to try and squeeze through and gathered behind a long rectangular gravestone, shaped like a stone coffin. We'd jumped a wall to get into the surrounding graveyard and crawled along the grass to our new meeting spot.

"How are we going to get past the men in black?" I whispered, pointing to two of Christian's guards who were similarly dressed as us.

"Just leave it to me. Beginning phase one!" Tom smiled.

He began raking through his bag of tricks before removing two things that I wasn't aware had been taken along for the ride, and passing Aaron and I one each.

"Are you serious?" Aaron asked, eyeing up Alfred, whilst I held onto Geoffrey.

"Trust me!" He replied in frustration as he took out yet more supplies. Cat food.

"Couldn't you have done this before we left?" I sighed.

Instead of answering, Tom opened up the pouches and held on tightly as the contents attempted to escape. Holding the cats became much more of a challenge then as they tried to break free too, and eat up their unexpected treat. My task got much harder yet again, when Tom threw the pouch in the direction of Christians men.

The cats bolted away, unable to be held captive any longer, and chased the flying pouch, coming to a halt right in front of the door.

"Now we wait" Tom whispered.

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