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An Academy Ghost Bird Fanfcition.

Rose Sorenson; Raising my granddaughter was one of my best achievements. I've watched Sang grow over the last twenty two years from a baby to the happy young women she is today. I watched her take those first steps and taught her her first words. I helped her with her homework and read her stories. Her grandfathers taught her how to shoot a gun and got her into material art classes before they all passed away, my latest and final husband passing when Sang was only sixteen years old, two days after she refused to join the academy for the fifth time. She was offered many things by the academy and each and every time she refused because she knew what she wanted out of life. I watched her study hard for her finals and then move on to college. And now, she's an elementary school teachers and loves her job. I've watched my granddaughter do so many things throughout her twenty two years; make friends, drive a car, get so drunk she's puking in the bathroom while I hold her hair. But one thing I've never seen is her having a boyfriend and falling in love. But now, as I know my death is approaching-I can feel my body getting weaker by the day-, I know what my last wish is and that's to watch my beautiful darling girl to fall in love. I can only hope it's something I get to see.

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