chapter 25

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first off im sorry that ive been updating later then usual my teachers have been going crazy with my homework -_- and seconf thank you for the 6k + readers :o i love you all your so awesome i cannot thank you enough :* oh and kyler_stylzz followed me and i swear i fangirled for about 20 minutes :p


Perrie's p.ov

I outstretched my arm expecting to feel Jade's body next to mine. But instead my hand flopped on a pillow causing me to open my eyes groggily and look around the room searching for her. What I did find instead of her was a yellow crumpled up sheet next to my pillow. (Probably crumpled from my tossing and turning)

I rubbed my eyes sitting up and snatching the note quickly gazing over the text.

Dear Perrie,
Sorry didn't want to wake you up but I decided to leave before your dad came in and suspected something. I love you :*
Oh and see you later tonight at 8 . Your picking me up for our ice cream date ;)
<3 Jade

I cracked a smile at how adorable she was. Loving that she was actually worried about me.

After a bit of just lazily sitting in bed I decided to get dressed noticing the time was already 1 o'clock in the afternoon. I walked down the stairs the house full of silence making me walk a little bit uneasily down them.

But I made my way to the kitchen fridge without anyone coming to sight . I grabbed the carton of orange juice. "Why was your friend here yesturday?" My dad's voice said from behind me making me jump a bit before I turned around and glared at him not in the mood to be pissed off right now.

"What does it matter to you?" I asked brushing past him but he wouldn't let me pass as he grabbed my arm in an iron grip. "Answer me when I ask you a question why was she here" To my suprise he actually managed to keep his anger down this time.

"She's just a friend dad just because you don't have friends doesn't mean I can't have any ." I lied shrugging off his grip and walking to the kitchen table putting bread into the toaster.

Hopefully I sounded casual my dad was really good to when it came to trying to figure out someone lying. But luckily luck was on my side today and he just let it go grumbling something under his breath that I couldnt manage to hear before he left the living room.


Jade's p.o.v

Night was falling. The skies covered in stars and the moonlight shining through my bedroom window.

It was 7:00 and my mum had left to fill her shift as a nurse at a local hospital I didn't bother telling her I was going out with Perrie tonight since I knew that she'll only come back when the sun is up again.

I was already dressed in skinney jeans and a green sweater wrapping it closer to my body feeling the chill of the night air fill into my room.

I decided to kill time and logged in on twitter since I haven't logged in for a while now. I scrolled through my mentions seeing the hateful words being written down. I could say that they were cowards hiding behind a computer screen but they weren't. I used to go through this every day.

And for a small amount of time in my life I forgot how the words stung my heart every now and then but I couldnt handle this.

@ jade_thirlwall your so worthless on the face of the world stop wasting air and just hang your self already.

@jade_thirlwall why are you still alive do you just want more hate sent to you. do us all a favor and just end it already

@jade_thirlwall go die.

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