Hello Aiko!

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Aiko sat in the limo while listening to techno music and making noises which made the poor driver regret driving a car with her

She tapped her lap as she synchronizes with daft punks beat

Here's a info about the awesome aikooo (that's aiko not the author)

She's a game developer but her games are basically flash games and sometimes it has lots of race games but hey nobody is complaining about her games

Still her games aren't that successful but she's not complaining

I some times get confused as a boy but it doesn't bother me

Then againn im starting to miss my friends but not yui She sucks! She doesn't like my games ! Aghh

Time skip

Aiko pov

If you were me would you do it? Yeah you would do it!

As I opened the door because nobody opened it

I walked around the atmosphere was rather chilling...then a saw guy with a hat on his head X3 he looks so handsome! But he could be a pervent who knows?

I walked towards him and ..




"Uhh hi?.." he opened his eyes and wait did his cheeks turned pink?

"fuck ..." as he pinned me down on the couch

"Hmmm~ interrupting my nap and also coming to someone else's house~ I think you deserve a punishment pretty boy~ "

Then he fricking licked me?!

"GAHH get off me!! Who ever you are!!" But he only laughed! When he leaned on my neck

A cough from behind us startled him and he leaned away

"Laito didn't I tell you to do your business in your room " a guy with purple eyes and ...pfft pigeon hair jk he looks great

Then I pushed him off of me "get of me fuckass!" Reiji's eyebrows tick as he heard colorful languages come from a boy?..

"I assume your miss komoris sibling?" Then she looks at me and says "uhhh yes? I am though we aren't in good terms " she says sulking

Making the brothers anime sweatdrop

To be continued

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