Part 82

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It's an electrical pulse, but it isn't just throbbing inside my body, it's spreading to the air around us. His energy and mine, buzzing together in a give and take rhythm much like the ocean pushes forward the wave and then sucks it back out to sea again. I can feel him in on my skin, seeping into my muscles and nerves, and finally reaching the very center of me, pushing down into my bones. God, he's everywhere.

I look down at him through the haze my own body is creating and watch as he worships me with every little touch, lick and gentle kiss. His warm breath is fanning out across my skin like a feather caressing the surface. It's there and then gone leaving only a tingle in its wake. I move my fingers across his scalp, feeling his response between my legs. It's subtle, just the tiniest push up—a delicious roll of his hips beneath me. His hand commits further, caressing me more firmly as he lets out an audible moan.

I spread my knees further, dropping my face lower and increasing my weight on his lap. At first he stills as if I've just moved a playing card in the delicate house of cards he has built. He doesn't even breathe, but I can still feel him hard beneath me, and the insistent pounding of his heart in answer to my own. His face slowly lifts to mine in warning, his eyes struggling to focus and find mine because he's lingering on my lips and the tip of my tongue as I slide it across to wet them.

"We should probably stop," he says on a low exhale. The hoarse tone of his voice only drives my own arousal higher. The sound fills me and my skin pebbles as if he could control me with the familiarity of his voice and his gaze. I won't argue that he can't.

I pull my bottom lip between my teeth and try to focus on the words, not just the way the sound of them makes my body ignite. I release it and move one hand to his cheek, feeling the heat in his face and the slight scratch of scruff on his jaw. I kiss him sweetly, a false innocence of teasing lips without tongue. When I pull back he follows, seeking the connection again. "Why," I start as I slide my bottom lip from the bottom of his to the top before pressing another kiss. He reads me so easily it's as if our lips have been dancing together like this forever. He doesn't use his tongue either, just perfect pressure as he kisses me back. "Should," I manage to say between our kisses and I know he knows what I'm going to say but he's enjoying the ride too much to force the words quickly. "We," sharp breath, "stop?" I open my mouth to him and our tongues meet again.

He's moved his hands now from my breasts to the dips above my hips. I feel him holding on to me, tipping my hips and dragging me forward just enough to ease a bit of the ache between my legs before sliding me back easing his. Give. Take. Forward. Back. Crazy. Needy. Perfect. He pulls back from our kiss and lets his hands slide a little further until he is holding my ass. This time his voice is gravely, and I know before he's finished he hates the truth he's sharing. "Because it's getting really hard to do the right thing."

I kiss him where his jaw begins and all along until I reach his chin. He might have just told me we should stop, but his body didn't get that message. I lick from just bellow his chin along the soft curve of his neck before stopping at the small exposed area of his shoulder not covered by his shirt. When I pull back again to see his eyes, he's slowly shaking his head. "That's actually the complete opposite of stopping," he says in his sexy, raspy voice as he grins.

"I'm tired of doing the right thing," I admit and I truly am. It's time I do what's right for me. Maybe this will end badly. Maybe one day we'll regret it, but I'd rather regret what I've done for myself than what I didn't do for any other reason. His hands at my waist still and he pulls his head back so I can't kiss my way out of what he's about to say.

"I can live with not having sex with you right now. I can live with us waiting for as long as it takes. I can even live with you deciding I'm not what you want, if that makes you happy in the end. But I can't live with you regretting me." 

******Trying to get this story posted as quickly as I can. I will try to get more up later.  Sorry this is a bit of a tease ;) 

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