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Prankster's P.O.V

The past four days have been amazing just spending time with Bad Boy again and I feel more close to him then I have ever felt before. We had been to the local fair, went skateboarding, rock climbing and spent a day surfing at the beach as well as pranking people whilst we were out and about and it was amazing. I had seen Baxter at school but straight after school he rushed off in his car with a smirk on his face and didn't bother to text me.

I wasn't that upset but I was kind of upset that my own boyfriend wouldn't spend time with me; I want one of those cute relationships or at least a relationship where you spend time together and have fun whilst being goals.

I saw Baxter today and he got a detention for back chatting so I was sat in detention with him but as soon as Bad Boy saw me speaking to Baxter earlier he rushed off somewhere and I hadn't seen him until just now when he walked through the door with one of the popular girls named Eve.

"Baxter why is Bad Boy with Eve? I didn't even know he was friends with her?" I asked Baxter confused as they walked in the class room laughing at each other and he kept whispering things in her ear until he propped himself down in the seat in front of me.

At this moment in time I felt kind of weird, there was an odd sensation in my stomach and I wanted to punch something or someone. Why did I feel like this? Bad Boy was just my friend and I had a boyfriend.

"They were hanging out early and have science class together, I guess she got a detention and they walked here together. They both look pretty close though!" Baxter told me smirking as they both sat down.

"Hey Bad Boy, you must be Eve right?" I asked Eve as I greeted Bad Boy who had a smug look on his face but it all changed when he looked at Baxter and he went rigid and cold.

"Yeah I'm Eve; it's nice to meet you!" Eve told me as she shook my hand and started chatting to me, I felt kind of jealous because Eve was perfect and was what any boy would want in a girl.

After speaking for most of the detention to Eve whilst the two boys glared at each other the bell finally rang and I sprinted as soon as it did ring. I needed to get out of that room because I felt like I was going to punch something, why did it get to me so much that Bad Boy was taking Eve on a date...to a fancy restaurant. I thought he wasn't into that thing...


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