Jayy Von and Dahvie Vanity adopted me?! (Botdf fan fic )

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Hi guys! New book. I'm of course writing a Fan Fic about my most favorite people ever, Dahvie Vanity and Jayy Von Monroe. Here it goes. This is back when Jayy first joined the band. 

                                                                       Jayy's pov

Are you fucking serious? Dahvie wants to adopt a Botdf child, and me, well I'm not good with kids. You guys are probably thinking, It's not that big of a deal. Actually it is. There's going to be a time where me and Dahvie get wasted, as always, and we do something terrible, like let's say give the kid alcohal or something, for accident of course. But let's just say adopting a kid is going to go horribly wrong, honestly and what happeneds when the child needs help on his/ her homework then I'm there like, "Well Dahvie sucks at math, so let me me help...oh its fractions..hell no." Thats probably how it'll go. Dahvie's one night stands he has every night almost, A kid would have nightmares for monthes seeing Dahvie doing things to like 5 chicks at once. Anyways! I just think this is a dreadful idea. I made myself comforable on the couch then I hear someone jumping around in the kitchen. With lazyness, I slowly got off the couch and made my way to the kitchen. 

 The event I saw was the worst. "Dahvie!" I yelled. "What!" Dahvie screamed back from his bedroom. "Get your ass down here now!" I said coldly. Dahvie walked down the stairs to the kitchen and I pointed at the small boy sitting in the kitchen. "You fucking said in one month we're getting the kid! You know we're still on tour! Dumb ass!" I yelled at him crossing my arms. "Jayy, Calm down. Did you take your pills today?" Dahvie asked doubtfully. I flipped him off and stomped off toward the living room. Dahvie followed me and sat down on the couch patting a spot for me to sit next to him. "explain NOW." I told him coldly. He bit his lip and took a deep breath. "Okay-so-I-adopted-the-kid-because-they-said-if-we-don't-adopt-him-now-another-family-is-taking-him." He said extremely fast. I could still kind of understand him though. I sighed. "What's his name?" I asked coldly. I don't like kids, Dahvie should just know I'm not helping out with taking care of him. "Brenden Von Vanity." He announced. I looked at the kid, he had gray big eyes, he looked about 6 or 7, he had brown dark hair but with some lighter streaks in it, he had thin lips, and a small nose, and he was so small and skinny, I towered over him. I smiled at him. "Don't you like him? He's so cute." Dahvie mentioned for the 3rd time now. "I'm going to get some Jack Daniels." I muttered to him, I started stomping off to the kitchen, I'm very conflicted right now, It's like I'm feeling huge different things right now. Half of me is like "Awwww, he's so cute" and the other half is like "I don't want the fucking kid." Then the other half is like, "I'm just going to get drunk and forget about all this." I opened the cupboards and I grab the beverage. "Can I have some?" I jumped around seeing the kid stare at me with his gray eyes. 

 I laughed, he looks at me comfused. "You can't have this." I told him, he frowned. "Why?" He pleaded. "You're not old enough." I said blankly. "Yes I am!" He said with a huge grin. Hah, he reminds me of when I was a kid. I always wanted to try alcohol. "You have to be 21 years old." I argued back joking around. "How old are you?" He asked me tilting his head. "20." I told him pouring some of my Jack Daniel's into a wine glass. "Hah! You're not old enough!" He yelled jabbing a finger at me. I take a sip of my drink and sit down at the table. "So?" I muttered playing with my lip ring. "So can I have some?" He nagged. I laughed and shook my head. He pouted and sat down next to me on the table. I see the look in his eyes, he's probably going to snatch it, weird kid. I quickly grabbed it and he pouted because his plans of stealing my alcohol failed. He ran away to another room, where is he going?....Oh shit! I left my door open! I ran up the stairs and saw him talking to Dahvie about me not sharing my "juice." Crazy kid. 

 "Hey Jayy?" Dahvie says, Brenden was swinging his legs back and fourth on Dahvie's bed. "Yeah" I responded walking toward his room. "I'm going to go to the store to buy snacks and stuff for Brenden since all the drinks we have is Beer and Jack Daniels." He said pushing himself off the bed. "How long do I have to take care of him?" I asked him stopping him from leaving. "Just one hour please." He begged giving me a hug. I sighed and nodded my head. He cheered and left the house in 5 minutes splat. What if this kid goes crazy and messes up the house? I quickly ran out of the house and jumped in front of Dahvie's moving car. He instantly slams on the gas pedal. "What the fuck! Jayy! You idiot!" Dahvie yelled looking at me like I'm crazy. "What if the kid goes crazy and messes up the house?" I asked Dahvie, while slightly laughing at his freaked reaction. "Put him in timeout or in the corner or something." Dahvie muttered frustrated. I thanked him and ran back in the house to see Brenden and toilet paper everywhere. "I made it snow." He pointed out. I was gone for like two minutes and he already does this! Okay, now what the fuck do I do? "Go in the corner." I told him sternly. His eyes quickly go wide. He's probably not used to punishments, his old family I heard let him do whatever he wants. "No." He yelled sticking his tongue out at me. Ugh, I need Dahvie. Maybe I should call him. I took out my phone, and Brenden started running around. Dahvie answers the phone on the first ring. "Now what?" Dahvie asked still frustrated. "Brenden won't go into timeout and now I don't know where he is, what the hell do I do?" I ask him, I only babysat once! Once! and I lost the kid. "Just pick him up and put him on his bed and make sure he doesn't move." Dahvie answered back calmly. I thanked him and hung up. I looked around, Oh no, where is he?