A Luna History

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“ROGER,” Mud shouted. She woke up to something wet on her face and saw Roger standing on her bed. She tackled him to the ground, hugging him. “YOU’RE OUT. BUT HOW?”

“If ya stop screaming and look at the door you would know.” Mud looked up to see Seth standing there with a smile. “Boy came and got me this morning.”

Mud smiled, feeling something inside her move again as she jumped up and wrapped her arms around Seth. “Thank you.”

He hugged her back, taking in her scent. “Of course, I thought you might want to see him.” Mud looked back at Roger while Seth’s arms were still around her. “I guess he ain’t that bad.” Mud chuckled as Seth looked between them. “So what do you want to do today?”

Remembering her and Roger’s conversation she replied, “I want to speak with your mom.”

“Hello Mud how nice to see you.” Catrina greeted as she watched Mud, her son, and the wolf named Roger, walk into Tim’s study. Tim was out with Daniel on a fishing trip and so Catrina was cleaning.

“Hi mom, Mud wanted to talk to you.” Seth replied. Mud waved as her insides moved again and she had the sudden feeling of hiding. “If that’s alright.” She added.

“Oh of course dear, Seth, why don’t you take Roger outside? Being cooped up in that room must had him going made.” Mud laughed, knowing she was right as Roger grumbled.

“I’ll be fine Roger, Seth can show you everything.” Still grumbling, Roger bobbed his head and the two left. “Now that they are gone what is it you wanted to talk to me about?”

Mud took a deep breath. “I want wondering if you would teach me how to be a Luna.” Catrina stopped, surprised by this question. “Why do you want to learn?”

“Because Selena said Alpha’s mates are Luna’s and I heard from a lot of people last night talking about how I would lead with Seth but I don’t have a clue to be a Luna.”

Catrina smiled though it could not match her eyes. She was surprised this is what Mud would ask even though three days ago she had no clue of anything. “Mud, I think you should just focus on yourself before you learn to lead.”

“But if I don’t then I won’t be a good mate for Seth.” Mud gasped and her hands flew to her mouth. She didn’t mean to spill what Roger had told her but it still stuck in her head. Something inside her did not like this at all.

Catrina’s eyes were wide, “why would think that?”

Already busted, Mud decided to tell the truth. “Because that’s what Tim said. He said I shouldn’t be Seth’s mate because of where I am from. I know I don’t understand but the thought of not being with Seth hurts me. I can try to be more human but if he needs a good Luna then I need to be one. Can you help me?” Catrina did not know who to blame: the wolf for spilling the beans or her husband for saying them. She could see Mud’s eyes become glassy and hated her like this. Mud was a nice girl who deserved so much more. She saw something in Mud that was precious, powerful, and was glad Selena found her. So she sighed and smiled, “Of course I’ll help you but Mud you have to remember: being a Luna comes from inside. You can be trained to be the best but if you are not passionate than you will fail. Understood?” Mud nodded. “Alright, so let’s start with the history of the Luna.”

And for an hour Mud sat and listened as Catrina told the story of how werewolves came into existence.

“Werewolves started with King Lycaon. The great God Zeus once visited his castle. The king knew who he was and tried to kill him but making him eat human flesh. Realizing the trick, Zeus grew furious with Lycaon and as punishment, turned him into a wolf, making sure he would shift every night under the same full moon that was out that night. Over the years Lycaon grew vicious, killing anyone he could get a hold of on every full moon. To add to his punishment, Zeus made him immortal so he could live out this dreaded curse. It was Selene, the Moon Goddess, who looked down and felt pity for this man. She was a beautiful Goddess and so had many lovers even though it was the handsome shepherd Endymion, who she fell absolutely in love with. And even though she had been able to have him for eternity, she still felt incomplete.

But the minute she heard him howling to the moon, to her, she fell in love, and when they met, Lycaon could feel her love and he too fell in love. They continued their love in secrecy, and soon had three children. But it was when their two oldest sons turned 15 that he too turned into a wolf. It was harder keeping their secret and it all came out when their second child, a young girl named Luna, changed into a werewolf that their secret was spilled. She was hunting for the very first time when she saw a young man just on the outskirts of town. She fell in love and the next day found him to be the king of Romania, Skyhart. And even though he already had a wife and child, just by looking in Luna’s eyes changed him, made him love her. His love grew so much that he married her and threw his wife out the castle. They lived happily for a year until his ex wife came back, this time with the villagers, who had witnessed Luna transforming on the last full moon. It then led to Luna confessing her secret to her husband.

Angry and betrayed, Skyhart sentenced Luna to death but she escaped back to her parents. Luna went crazy without her love as Skyhart went mad as well. Two years later there was a war and due to Skyhart’s depression he was defeated and killed. Luna felt the pain and she died from a broken heart. Selene’s sadness was felt by the Gods and that is how Zeus found out the love affair. He changed Lycaon into a full wolf and Selene was trapped within the moon, stripped of her title as it was given to Artemis. Their two sons luckily escaped Zeus’s wrath and spread the curse of the werewolf. Along with the curse, their parent’s love was passed along, making each werewolf fall in love with only one person: their mate. When the oldest son created a pack he was called Alpha because it is the first in the Greek Alphabet, and in honor of his sister, he called his mate the Luna of the pack.

The Luna is supposed to be by the Alpha’s side to love and cherish him. She is the one to keep him in line and help him run a pack. As Luna and Skyhart showed, without your mate you and those you rule shall perish. That is what it means to be a Luna.”

Mud’s eyes were wide when Catrina finished. She could not believe this story. And yet it seemed so familiar. Mud had the strangest feeling she had heard it before. “Though, now that I am telling you this, there is something I remember.” She stood up and walked towards her husband’s large book shelf and pulled out the werewolves’ history book, given to every pack member. Flipping to a few pages she brings it over to Mud. “I knew you looked similar.” She smiled and set the book down. “Look Mud.”

Mud did look and gasped. In the book was the painting of a girl with long red hair and soft violet eyes. She was staring at the moon. “This was Luna.”

“She looks like me.” Mud exclaimed. Catrina nodded, deep in thought. “Yes, she does.” Why does she look like Luna?

“Hey Mud, Nala’s here.” Seth announced, opening the door but stopped as the girls were staring at the table.

“Oh nothing,” Catrina said, “Just giving Mud a lesson of our history. That’s all for today Mud now run along.” Still confused, Mud did what she was told and followed Seth out. Catrina looked back at the picture, feeling something big was going to happen. And soon.

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