~Chapter 4~ My Hero

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There was a loud CRASH, (Y/N)'s head turned just in time to see a light post fly through the window.

And onto them along with a few other students. The other students had been able to wriggle free sustaining only a broken or wounded limb. (Y/N), however wasn't so lucky, it was crushing their chest making it almost impossible to breathe as they coughed blood and gasped for air. Ms. Bustier most of the other students tried to lift it off of her, except for Adrien, Marinette, and of course Chloe. As (Y/N) looked around she seen that Adrien and Marinette had vanished but as they were pondering upon their whereabouts a dark figure swooped in attacking the students in the form of a large raven. They fled now unable to rescue the suffocating person underneath the pole.

They were running out of air and were desperately hyperventilating trying to gain enough breath to sustain consciousness but to no avail as they began to fall into a sea of black. Wait was this truly a sea of black, for two forest green eyes shone with a look of concern and determination, these eyes however were not normal. Cat eyes. (Y/N) felt the heaviness on their chest fade quickly as they coughed and wheezed, crimson flowing from their almost scarlet lips. Strong arms were wrapped around them as they gave up the fight ,in need of rest, and slipped into unconsciousness.


They opened their eyes hours later feeling much stronger than they had earlier, but not strong enough to move without feeling sharp pains in their chest and lungs. The room was all white and at first they thought they were dead, then when they tried to move they were lurched back by tubes and by the seething pain in their chest. Well at least they weren't dead. 

They had only one question.

Who had saved them?

Who was their hero?

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