One on One?

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Ashton POV

I crawl back through my window after the music stops.
Oh yea, I'm Ashton Butler I'm 5'8 , I'm also in my last year of high school and already have 4 offers for college basketball.
My mind started thinking about how Sam looked , those brown eyes, sexy abs.. Wtf
This isn't like me to be so attracted to a girl...especially a-a stud..
I doze off eventually while thinkin of Sammy

I finish lacing my J's as I head out to my car. When I look over I see Sammy car still park, if she's not leaving now she's gonna get caught in traffic and coach hates when were late to school. I was in the middle of walking over before realizing... I'm not nice like tht
So hoped in my car blasted lil uzi p's & q's and went straight to school.
Sammy POV
After spending a hr in traffic I finally arrived to school. The hallways looked deserted so I assume class is in session. Once I open the door everyone eyes shoots darts at me except Butler.
I continue to my desk wondering how didn't she get caught in traffic.
*Lunch Time*
After the bell for lunch ring, I searched the crowd of people looking for Kay. After 5mins of searching I see her talking to a group of girls.


I walk up to her and tapped on her shoulder "Hey you wanna go get something to eat?" All her friends started to awww me
"Sure" is all she said as she smiled big at me. I grab her hand to help her up from the table then we proceeded to my car. "Where do you want to eat ?" I asked while opening her side of the car. "Mmm there's a subway around the corner, I'll show you how to get there"
I walk to my side of the car and glance Butler car , she's having a full make out session with one of those tan chicks from earlier, I shake my head as I get in my car.

"So how do you like it here?" Kay asks before a taking a big bite out of here sub.
"It's aiight I still miss home and all my friends but guess I gotta get use to this"

"I mean of course but what about the team?"
"It's cool can't really tell since it's only the second day, plus what's up with that girl Butler why she always so tense and mean" I ask before taking a bite in my sub
"Ashton is always like that, she's like the school hoe, she gets any girl she wants. But idk why she's mean"
I nod my head in response
We the rest of our subs up and head back to school before the bell rings. "Thanks for lunch, text me later maybe you can give me a ride home" kay kisses my cheek after giving me her number and walking away. I start blushing and head to my class.

Today practice was canceled for some reason so I decided to text kay

Sam- hey still need a ride
Kay- no this cute boy I've been crushing on is driving me home right now!!😍

I look at the message confused
I thought she liked me.. Either she straight or bi and either way I'm not a fan of bi girls

I get in my car and drive home. When I arrived I see Butler playing basketball and the court across our house down the hill. I park my car and decide to go join her.
"Aye one on one?" I ask as I approach her takin my jacket off. She doesn't say a word as she checks the ball to me. I dribble the ball pass her to make a lay up
The score is 19-19 I have the ball with my back against the hoop as Butler is behind me..close once again
I push her back with my shoulder as she falls on the ground, I pivot and shoot the ball. "That's game!" I say in excitement as Butler is still on the ground. "Yo Butler you alright ? I just killed yo ass" I say laughing hard
Out of nowhere I feel my body being pushed against the fence and I very angry Butler holding one fist out and the other holdin my shirt.

Sammy in top media
Thanks for reading 🙏

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