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When I was five years old I prayed to the moon goddess for a mate after my mother first told me about them. She said they were made for you, that you’d be together for eternity.

She told me my mate would always smile and laugh whenever he was with me, that he would take care of me like a precious gem, his precious gem. He would love me for eternity. He would treat me like his equal. But she was wrong. My mother is never wrong but this time she was wrong. My mate doesn't smile or laugh, instead he growls and snarls. He doesn't care for me because if he did, I wouldn't be locked inside his house away from people, alone by myself. He doesn't treat me like his equal; he thinks I'm below him.

And most importantly he doesn't love me because if he did, I wouldn't be thinking of escaping from him and his pack. He doesn't love me, he just doesn’t.

If I was given a chance to redo one thing in my life, I would have stopped my five years old self from praying to the Moon Goddess for a mate.



This story would contain some things that might be different from the other werewolf stories as it's my story and my idea.

There will be no REJECTION in this story, I am sorry to burst your bubble but I believe if fate has bound you with someone or like in the context of werewolf- the moon goddess, then you can't defy what the gods have planned for you. I am of the believe that, the moon goddess is not stupid to make an unlikely pair. She has reasons for selecting the mates.

Thank you. Hope you enjoy.

Status:- 6 June 2016.

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