Movie Night

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Their ages: Dick-17, Jason-15, Tim-13, Damian-10
In here, Barbara can still use her legs.

Third Person's P.O.V

The Bat Boys were all at home, being bored to death. Bruce was on a business meeting in Canada and was going to get home tomorrow while Alfred was visiting his family in England and all the girls were at a sleepover.

Tim was reading The Tale of Twin Cities, Jason was polishing his helmet, Damian was playing with a cute, white cat plushie and Dick was just thinking about something to do.

"Hey! Why don't we have a movie marathon?" Dick suggested. "Yeah, why not? And to make it even more interesting, let's only watch horror movies." Jason said. "I'm all for it." Tim added. They all looked at Damian. "Fine! We'll have this stupid marathon!" He cried, getting irritated with the looks he was getting.

Tim ran and got some popcorn in the microwave while Dick and Jason picked the movies, Damian just sat there on the couch, hugging his cat plushie.


The brothers were all seated now on the couch sporting a large blanket with Dick on right side with Damian on his left and Jason on the left with Tim on his right. Damian and Tim were holding the popcorn buckets with Damian's plushie on his side. Jason played the movie, which was Ouija.

When the movie ended, Jason had a pillow covering his face, Tim hiding under the blanket, Damian had his plushie on a death grip with eyes shut tight and Dick had an empty popcorn bucket on his head.

"That wasn't so bad, right?" Tim said, peeking from under the blanket. "Yeah." Jason said, putting the pillow on his lap, chuckling nervously. "C'mon, we still have a lot to watch." He added.

By 3:00 a.m, they had watched Sinister 1 and 2, Conjuring, Final Destination and The Grudge, this time, Dick was shaking under the blanket, Damian was using Dick as a human shield, Tim was hiding behind the couch and Jason had his back facing the T.V.

They had decided to sleep but obviously, they couldn't. That morning, at exactly 7:00 a.m, Bruce, Alfred, Barbara, Cassandra and Stephanie had arrived and were surprised to see in their positions. "Dick? You guys ok?" Barabara asked. "AHHH! WE'RE GOING TO WAKE UP THE SPIRITS IN THE HOUSE!!!" He yelled, running to his room, Tim following after him, both had looks of panic and fear etched into their faces.

"ANABELLE IS GOING TO GET ME!!! WAIT FOR ME!!!" Jason shouted, following the first two with Damian clutching his shirt, following him whike he yelled " WAIT UP! DON'T LEAVE ME!". The five who remained in the living room had shocked faces after hearing a door slam. "What the heck happened?" Barbara asked. "They're boys, who knows what they're thinking." Cassandra replied. "Good point." Stepahanie said. The two men just stood like statues.

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