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Pen Your Pride

   IIKathleen PierceII

         "Rebekah? What the hell are you doing here?" I asked, setting my glass down on the table. She smiled. 

          "Can't a girl have a little fun once in a while?" She asked sarcastically. I rolled my eyes.

          "Cut the crap, Rebekah. Why are you really here?" I asked. She sighed with frustration. 

          "If you must ruin the fun. I am here for two things and  two things only. You and Elena." She said. My mouth dropped. She smiled evilly and pulled out a gun. I instantly turned around and tried to run. "We already have Elena. All we need is you." She said, clapping her hands. As soon as she did so, Tyler came out of nowhere holding Elena by the arm.  

          "Kathy, don't fall for it! Just run!" Elena shouted. I shook my head. I can't leave Elena. Stefan would kill me if something happened to her. I turned around to face Rebekah and pinned her against the wall by her throat. 

          "Look, you fucking physcotic bitch, don't tou--" I couldn't finish my sentence because she had plunged a stake into my stomach. I fell to the floor, clutching my stomach. 

          "Aw, does it hurt?" She asked. I didn't say anything. She kicked me so that I was now laying on my back. Then, she snapped her fingers and had some other guy pick me up. 

          I silently blacked out. 


             When I woke up, I was on the ground and circled by a ring of fire. I quickly stood up and looked around. I then realized that Klaus was repeating the sacrifice. I looked to the right of me to see Elena passed out on the ground. 

           "Elena, wake up!" I whispered. She did so. 

           "Where are we? Is he repeating the sacrifice?" She asked. I nodded. She looked freaked-just like last time. 

          "I think this is the real thing this time, Elena. No more rescues, no more Stefan, no more anything." I whispered. I was being honest. The two of us were going to die. No doubt. 

                 I hadn't even realized that the other girl had died. Now, it was my turn. I sighed as the fire that circled me disappeared. Klaus appeared in front of me with a stake in his hand. I looked back at Elena and mouthed: I'm sorry. Be strong, okay?  She nodded, a tear strolling down her face. Klaus chuckled evilly and grabbed me by my neck. 

             "At last your wish has come true. Now, all I have to do is grant it." He whispered in my ear. I shuddered at his words. Then he plunged the stake into my stomach, making me fall to the ground. He was on top of me in an instant. He held the stake above my heart. I winced. 

          "Goodbye, my dear." He whispered before plunging the stake into my heart.

                     And those were the final words I heard before my death....


     Okay so i know i said there would be Damon in it but i wanted this to be a Kathleen P.O.V moment thingy so I added no smexxi Damon. Plus, I don't want Damon to find out about Kathleen's death since this book is over. But still. I may or may not be making a sequel to Darkest Greetings. Sooooo yeah.....  

 P.S. I'm sorry the Finale wasn't long. 

-- L  I_I

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