Loving Him Was Red

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The week went by slow. I spent most of my time in my room asides from going to school and training the pack. I hadn’t spoken with Derek, Brad or Melly since I left his house that day. Melly hadn’t even called me which really hurt me. We had been best friends for so long, and she just left me. I knew she had to go live with her mate since he was the Beta, but she could have called me. I was in a bad mood today. My parents were acting weird. My father suggested I spend the weekend with my brother. It was rumored that we were having guests as well. I was pretty sure it would be Derek, most likely announcing his new mate to our pack.

He never told me he had a new mate. But his pack member said she was expecting me but thought I had blonde hair, so when that woman walked in, I knew. My heart broke into a thousand pieces. I wanted to fight for him, but I would not beg. I told myself I was the one who hurt him, so I needed to let him go to find happiness.

I heard a knock at my door but didn’t bother answering. My mother stepped inside and shut the door.

“Your brother and The Alphas son are coming home this weekend.” My mother said.

I hadn’t seen my brother since Christmas, and I knew I should be excited, but I knew I would only have to hear his lectures. He has been looking for his mate, and last I heard he had not found her. He wouldn’t like I found mine and ruined it. I sighed.

“I guess that means I don’t have to leave for the weekend then right?” I asked her.

“No, we discussed it with Alpha Stevens and decided it best you stay here.” She said.

“Of course, you all want me to see my consequences over and over again. How much more do you want my heart to break? I’m not dumb I know he is coming to announce his mate.” I said

“Honey, you don’t know that. But I can tell you that you will be leaving here in a week for a while.” She said.

“All this damn secrecy, now you want to ship me off in a week. What is that for? Is he doing his ceremony then?” I asked her.

“You’re impossible to deal with. I can’t answer your questions, because I don’t know the answers.” She yelled.

“That makes perfect sense. You are going to send me away, which by the way I’m an adult, and you have no idea why?” I yelled.

“I do know why you are going away, I don’t know exactly if he is announcing a mate, or anything else. Stop being complicated. We will talk more when you calm down.” She said as she got off my bed and walked to the door. She shut the door behind her once again leaving me alone in my room.

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